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A socially anxious young woman lands a hot date. There’s only one problem, she’s not sure if it’s actually a date.


This film is ripe and relevant; watch it for a good chuckle…

An age-old and never-ending dilemma for women who love women is uniquely on display here in all its awkward, comedic glory. It would seem that Sarah (Rose Haining) would not know that another woman is coming on to her if it was right in front of her face, like literally. This is an epic facepalm moment if ever there was one. As an audience we are invited to feel her pain and laugh at her expense all at the same time.

Written and directed by Rowan Devereux & Sophie Saville, Peach is a spirited short film from “Down Under”. It captures a (hopefully temporary!) moment in Sarah’s life where she is plagued with the difficulty of not being able to tell if a woman is straight and/or interested in her. She is so fixated on this conundrum in fact that she cannot concentrate when watching a film with a said woman. Nor can she come to a conclusion when her date (- yes her date!), Peach (played by Eleanore Knox), makes up an excuse and promptly jumps in bed with her. Quirky and upbeat, Peach, with well selected music, colours, and costume design really laid the land for Sarah’s “baby-gay” vibes and naive persona to shine in all its tragic failings.

Needless to say Sarah dropped the ball on this one. When the fruit was ripe for the taking, she let it dangle in front of her face to no avail. Whilst undertaking the quintessential millennial habit of checking your phone while in the bathroom, Sarah exclaims: “knew it!” as she spots a photograph of Peach with another woman – but what is it that she knew exactly? and did she really know? You’ll have to watch the film to decide for yourself who really did have the last laugh, if anyone at all. This film is ripe and relevant; watch it for a good chuckle, but please, learn from Sarah’s mistakes.

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