Horror, 3 min

Millennials usurp their conversion therapy class and take their justice.

Phoenix’s skill and talent is felt in every frame

Writer Director Kayden Phoenix’s short film “PENANCE” literally cuts off and hands out its own brand of vigilante justice in this subversive, twisted tale of youth in revolt. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself cringing in anticipation from beginning to end, not knowing where the film would take me. The film opens on a group of queer youth entering a church to a priest with his hands bound and his mouth stretched open, forcing his tongue to hang out in distress.  
The shocking imagery will stay with viewers long after the last frame has played.  The film is a very strong and confident effort on the part of Phoenix. Her skill and talent is felt in every frame. The film serves up a theological debate with a side of social commentary in a palatable 3 minute runtime. 

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Nicole DM

Nicole DM

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Nicole De Meneses is a freelance Writer, Director and Producer working in the Bay Area, USA. She was the 2nd AD and Associate Producer on the Feature film Freshman Year staring Diallo Thompson, Gregory Alan Williams, Benjamin A. Onyango, Natalia Dominguez and worked as an Associate Producer for Prankster Entertainment on the feature film Free Byrd Staring Raymond J. Barry. Recently she produced the QTPOC Web Series Chosen Fam staring Lea RobinsonEmily Chau and Bianka Alexandria Bell. Her latest film project is the Lesbian Paranormal Thriller called "The Ghost of Stow Lake".