Practical Things

Romance/Drama, 4 min 31 sec

Log line: Two girls, first love, superglue and Robert Frost.


a heart-warming, sweet, ethereal evocation of the intense yearning that is felt at experiencing young love

Practical Things, directed and written by Kris and Lindy Boustedt, is a sweet, poignant, and genuinely romantic short set in a seemingly unremarkable background of a school hallway. All about love, but with a side serving of super glue, as a very original reason to flirt, and even a Robert Frost monologue throw in.

Writer/directors Kris and Lindy Boustedt have certainly packed a lot into this beautiful, emotive, all too brief short, 4 minutes and 31 seconds to be exact. We are introduced to two school girls—one being the new girl at school (played by Emi Schwartz) and the other, an enigmatic rebel (played by Madeline Anderson), who is showing the new girl around school. When she has an issue opening her new locker, due to a practical joke involving super glue, a conversation is struck up between the two about practical and unpractical things.

The girls differ in their respective life strengths, one being street smart, one being book smart. This only seems to intrigue and attract the two to each other. In a dreamlike sequence of shots, the two share intense feelings that we are witness to, denoting the multifaceted and complex experience of being an awkward and shy teenager, whilst in the midst of falling for someone. When the book smart girl says, “I want to experience something, not just know it, but actually feel it.”, it’s a statement that rings achingly true no matter what your age.

This short has the whole shebang for me. Gorgeously raw acting, beautiful cinematography, an emotive and stunning musical score, a great script—not to mention well directed and edited to near perfection. Practical Things is a heart-warming, sweet, ethereal evocation of the intense yearning that is felt at experiencing young love. Prepare yourself for a visit to the dentist, as this is as sweet toothed as it gets!


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