Romance, 9 min

Log line: The attraction felt between two woman is heightened more than ever when Sarah meets Helen. Reflection, soul deep beauty revealing the truth. 


it doesn’t need to hide under layers of tinkering, special effects, or additional features to shine because the heart of the story is what truly matters…

The Cambridge Dictionary definition of the adjective “Pretty” is to be pleasant to look at, or attractive or pleasant in a delicate way. This aptly titled short film is not only all those things but it tells the ever relevant and intimate story of a woman’s relationship with how she looks. Here we are introduced to 2 beautiful women; Helen (Mairi Barclay), who is very much a woman who is comfortable in her own skin and wears the “au naturel” look with ease, and Sarah (Lucinda Sinclair) who, in stark contrast with Helen, is inherently insecure about her appearance, as evident by the desire not to show her face unless layered meticulously with makeup. This film not only sheds light on this sensitive and important topic of one’s self-confidence being intricately linked to how we present ourselves to others, but it takes us on a fulfilling journey of coming into one’s own.

Written by Derek Martin, directed by Chris Green, and simply starring the 2 lead women, Pretty shows the audience a familiar concept that beauty comes from within. However, the way the film shows this within a pure 9 min of excellent acting and close-up camera work was beautiful in itself. The story shows a brief encounter between the 2 women cascading into Helen giving Sarah the emotional support and belief she needed to believe in her beauty, inside and out, and become comfortable with her authentic self. Even within this short period of time, the character growth shown felt believable and honest.

Pretty is short but sweet, and much like it’s female protagonist, it doesn’t need to hide under layers of tinkering, special effects, or additional features to shine because the heart of the story is what truly matters. I would even go so far as to say that this film breaks the mould and ventures into much welcome unchartered territory, wherein it doesn’t take itself too seriously yet manages to still hit key messages with grace and impact. It plays around with common tropes like a shower scene or an admirer drawing the subject of their affection, yet does so with frivolity and humour. In short, it is a delight to watch, and achieves a sense of satisfaction both within the characters and for us as onlookers, of what is essentially a rite of passage in life from feeling hidden and insecure to being free and happy without reservation about one’s appearance. Such is a life-lesson that we could all do with being reminded about; share in this feel-good moment with these 2 women and watch Pretty on Lesflicks Video-On-Demand today!

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