Shaping Scars

Dance Film, 7 min 31 sec

Log line: Two girls’ crumbling romance as one struggles with her sexuality & their relationship.


Dancing and spoken word at its best! A must watch!


Shaping Scars is a beautiful and moving short directed by Sholtay with Fern Beattie voicing the poem, and Fanni Esteryhazy and Mariann Hargitai performing in dance.

This short focuses on the tale of a love that once existed between two women and how that love transformed, became unbearable, and was ultimately lost. The opening words reference King Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne for a woman he deeply loved, a love he fought for, a passion the poet deeply relates to throughout. As the story unfolds, we enter into the poet’s world, where her love for her partner was something glorious to be celebrated. It was a relationship in which she shone and became a better version of herself. We hear the passion in the poet’s voice and the emotion of being taken by new love. She describes their relationship—the joys, the highs, and the intimacy. But somewhere along the way, her partner struggles. We hear how she unravels and becomes lost and in turmoil, unable to embrace fully who she is and can be, and the pressure this mounts on the relationship. We understand their pain and loss as it becomes clear that their relationship will not stand to such pressures. With these words being spoken, the dancers magnificently and effortlessly capture the essence of the story. The dancing is beautiful, reflective, and emotional—you can’t help but fall into their world. The soundtrack, dancing, and spoken word work in impeccable harmony, seamlessly telling a story of love, intimacy, hurt, and letting go. Further, the analogies in the poem are beautiful as are the historical references, which add to the romance and drama.

The short is cleverly shot in what appears to be a studio apartment with the bed playing into many shots. This perfectly depicted the intimacy of their relationship and brings home the disconnect as the bedroom then becomes the contrasting feature to the turmoil and hurt they experience.

This is a beautiful short which will stay with you after you watch it. If you haven’t already watched it, put it on your list.

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