Somewhere In Between

Documentary, 9min 38sec

You are exactly who you feel you are and you can be who you want to be, so don’t be afraid of your uniqueness – you belong. Always.

5 star review


“Gender hybrid – I like it because it’s a way to describe how I feel inside and now I look on the outside that isn’t someone else’s label or phrase.”

Have you ever felt you know who you are, but none of the labels out there manage to define you? Are you troubled by that and wonder who you really are? Perhaps you know very well who you are, but you feel your uniqueness is too much for everyone else to deal with making it hard for them to accept who you are? Has it ever happened to you that you felt you are being pressured to choose one label best describing you, such as cis-gender, trans-gender or gender non-conforming, for example, but none seemed to accurately describe you? Have you ever felt almost as though the society’s need for labelling limits your freedom and expression? Suppresses feelings you have about yourself and the world? Did you ever feel the pressure of having to justify or rationalise your uniqueness for others who can’t seem to cope with it? Do you, deep inside yourself, know exactly who you are and want to show it, live it, love it and embrace it? Then Somewhere in Between might just be what you need to watch.

This short documentary, created by the wonderful Kate Reid, a Canadian queer musician, academic and a “whip smart wordsmith with a knack for candid story-telling and songwriting that is charged with humour and social-political commentary” (Source: www.kate is a delightful treat of fresh air. In the documentary, Reid speaks of her top surgery and her experience of (not) fitting a particular gender label. She shares her extremely intimately private story with us and lures us in with immense intrigue. We watch her take a walk in the city, while trusting us with her life story. She is very honest, unapologetic and fearless. Her story is brutally mesmerising. The words she speaks flow like those of a poet, which isn’t surprising given the fact that Reid is a singer and songwriter. Her words sound almost like a melody. Regardless of that, the story of her top surgery and her quest to be a little bit of every label and none of any and at the same time everything in between has a truly beautifully powerful message.

Her message is fortified by the music which energises our earbuds and intellect. The song titled When I Was a Little Boy, written and sung by Kate Reid herself, fills you up with self-confidence and makes you rise your head up high. The song definitely drives the message home and is one of my other favourite things about this documentary. Though short in length, this documentary hits all the relevant points which makes it a successful, satisfying and a fulfilling one.

Though the protagonist’s experiences are different than my own, I was happy that someone has spoken the things I’ve always felt, but couldn’t quite find the words for. I can relate to so many things. For example, I consider myself a woman, but hate the term female because it sounds like my biological sex determines me and who I can or have to be. I love to wear heals and make up and get all dressed up, but I also love to wear waistcoats and hats and ties and shirts. But I love the fact that I’m a woman and would never want to be a man. I am not a typical girly girl and I don’t want to be. I can build things, I can fix things, I use tools, I assemble furniture. I consider myself a woman, but I don’t feel the biological ability of my body is my inherent duty. So what does all of this make me? Should I make excuses for how I feel and be all apologetic about who I am? Pick a label and live according to it? Though my experience differ from the main protagonist’s in Somewhere in Between, the documentary nonetheless equipped me with much needed answers.

Somewhere in Between offers us an insight into what it means to not fit any particular label fully whilst at the same time identifying with a variety of them. The film allows us to bear witness to someone vibrant and truly unique; both the documentary and its author are well worth diving into. Watching the documentary, I felt a rush of familiar feelings. The documentary equipped me with the tools for much needed self-esteem. Most importantly, it inspired me and gave me the confidence I needed and yearned for. It gave me the much needed courage and the kind of self-assurance required to live my life just as I want it. To be myself and not apologise for it. To raise my head up and not worry if I don’t belong. To not try to make sense out of myself for anyone else, but myself. It made me throw away my mental blockages and the constant need to understand other people’s puzzlement and feelings regarding me – because where in this story am I and my feelings? I surely don’t need to live my life for others and my life needs to make sense to me, not others. Somewhere in Between carries a powerful and inspirational message: you are exactly who you feel you are and you can be who you want to be, so don’t be afraid of your uniqueness – you belong. Always. Watch this film now on Lesflicks Video on Demand to tap into all these wonderful feelings.

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