The Corner

Comedy, 5 min

Tired of waiting, Veronika tries to give her girlfriend directions over the phone, but Susan gets more and more confused with every word.


An original and self-deprecating comedy, this short film is certainly memorable even if you may not want to remember it…

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, or even shout at the screen during this film. The theme of The Corner is a little bit too close to reality for comfort, but is clearly making fun of the everyday stupidity of average folk who cannot understand nor give directions. It gives the audience a sneaky peek at two women who are struggling to find each other; literally going around in circles around each other and driving each other round the bend. Round and round we go…where we’ll end up? Nobody knows.

Written and directed by Norwegian filmmaker Ida Hansen Eldøen, The Corner is definitely quirky and unique; perhaps a breath of fresh air amongst the often sombre and dramatic tone of queer films. Here we witness Veronika (Ada Mathea Hoel) waiting in vain for her girlfriend Susan (Siri Farstad) to arrive at their designated meeting point. Far from assisting the situation, her directions to Susan lead her further astray and we get to see how tantalisingly close the two were to reaching either other. “I think I’m right around the corner” says Susan when she received Veronika’s phone call. Nevertheless, amidst having to hear about “submarine bunkers” – who gives directions like that? – and her dropping her phone while trying to grapple a drying rack – because it’s so safe to cycle with a drying rack? – Susan of course got even more lost. I must commend Sigurd Ekle for designing the excellent music and sound that really heightened the anxious yet comedic energy throughout this short 5-minute long escapade.

Adamant to keep both the women onscreen and those watching under constant suspense, aggravation, and derision, The Corner keeps everyone at a loss and baffled at what is happening. Very effective in its execution but questionably entertaining – the audience are (or at least I was!) left wondering whether it is right to mock these two unfortunate souls when the comedy of errors could easily have happened to us in real life. An original and self-deprecating comedy, this short film is certainly memorable even if you may not want to remember it.

Fans of Will You Merry Me? or Hold Up – both films on Lesflicks Video-On-Demand – may also enjoy The Corner.


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