The Love Letter

Romance, 21 min 30 sec

Synopsis: When an unopened love letter from 1945, ends up in the hands of young couple Phoebe and Faith, they not only make it their mission to deliver it to its originally intended recipient, Belle, but also end up reuniting her with Hannah, the woman she loved.


a sweet, thought-provoking little short…that conjures a sense of nostalgia and mystery

The Love Letter, directed by Nathan Hannawin, is a short film about love and its long reaching effects. Ella McCready, Natalie Gayle, Kat Ronson, and Ellouise Shakespeare-Hart play the title roles as two lesbian couples from two very different eras in time, equally struggling in their respective relationships.

When an unopened letter from 1945 is found in a long-forgotten box, the excited couple who discover it decide to take it to the correct address. When no one is home, they post it through the mailbox and reluctantly leave. When Phoebe, who now lives at the address with her partner Faith, comes home and finds the letter, she is touched by what she reads. Struggling in her own relationship, she decides it’s imperative to reunite the letter to its rightful owner and embarks on a mission to find the woman who she assumes lived at their address years before. However, she gets much more than she bargained for.

As the letter starts to make its journey, we witness a flashback to a couple, Hannah and Belle, who are clearly in love, discussing their relationship and the trials that face them in 1940’s England. They argue and part ways, although a letter is written and lost amongst the years. The letter serves as a balm of sorts to the modern-day struggling couple and this fuels them on to find Belle.

The clever set and costume choices make for an easy transition into the 1940’s and evoke a feeling of what it may have been like for lesbian couples at the time. The Love Letter is a sweet, thought-provoking little short with some good performances from the main lead actresses, that conjures a sense of nostalgia and mystery. I found myself wondering along with Phoebe and Faith as to whether Belle would be found and if indeed, the letter would finally find its resting place and fulfill its destiny.

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