The Test

Comedy, 8 min

For couple Jo and Sarah to be able to take the next big step in their life together, one of them needs a test that could not only put an end to their plans, but perhaps even their relationship. Tensions run high in the medical clinic as they await the results.


…there are cats involved, phallic cacti, sexual inuendoes, suspense, lots of humorous dialogue and lots of love.

I’ve been watching a few heavy films lately and The Test felt like a breath of fresh air. A well-deserved comedic relief. It was fun, extremely enjoyable and unexpected. Now bear in mind, this comes from someone whose go-to film genre is not comedy but I strongly believe The Test is worth a watch. It’ll bring at least a few smiles on your lips if it won’t make you burst into a full-hearted laugh.

This Australian short is mostly set in what looks like a fertility clinic… but is it? Jessica Smith, writer and director, does an incredible job sketching context, building tension, placing little hints all around, but never giving anything away until the end. The plot is simple, a lesbian couple, Jo (Michala Banas) and Sarah (Christie Whelan Browne) are ready for the next big step in their relationship. A step that was always a dream of Jo’s and will change their lives together… if it’s possible. Sarah is anxious to find out the results. Scared and slightly insecure in the waiting room at the clinic she half-jokingly questions the future of their relationship, if the appointment doesn’t go as planned. Jo is reassuring, supporting, and humorously teasing her. The script feels authentic and the dialogue’s delivery is vibrant, nuanced and well-timed. It makes you believe that they’re a long-term couple, that won’t be broken so easily and can make fun of their own insecurities and fears, which is a definite plus for a film.

Now, I tried not to spoil it for you, as the plot twists are half of this short film’s appeal. What I can tell you though is that there are cats involved, phallic cacti, sexual innuendoes, suspense, lots of humorous dialogue and lots of love. If that sounds like your thing, and you want to find out who’s Dorothy, Beryl, Willow, and Delphine, don’t miss the film at Wicked Queer Film Festival. For more LBTQ content check out our VOD Platform.

P.S. There are post-credit scenes. Stay peeled till the very end. You won’t regret it!

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