The World Can Wait

Comedy, 8 min

Vic is a popular lesbian character in a hit television series. Her mission: to save humanity against evil. But when she finds herself trapped in a room with the people in charge of the show, she has to fight for her own survival.

phenomenal, a two thumbs up film.

 The World Can Wait is a parody that I did not expect to watch and that I am grateful to have seen. Starring Veronica Jean Trickett, the movie best describes the feeling of a minority that is constantly sacrificed regardless of the logic that a script must carry.

Deborah Espect blesses us with a masterpiece, a piece you don’t know you need in your collection. It reminded me of some conversations I had with friends where we discussed our favorite television series to the point where many of them stopped watching because of how stressful it was becoming. The World Can Wait gives us a breath of hope. Vic is a brave character who has inspired many people. Happiness does not sell, until proven otherwise.

The moment executives insist on ending the happiness of their characters may be fun, probably because of a scene that looks like it was taken out of a horror film, but it is hardly possible not to stop and analyze those lines, even after the film has ended.

In the name of entertainment, these executives will blame the viewers for the fate of their characters. After all, the fans want to feel related to the storyline, but when it comes to the LGBT community, representation is poor. The feeling of not being taken seriously is what follows along with insecurities and mental health issues. Representation matters and the youngest are the ones who need to feel validated the most.
The World Can Wait is a short film that takes you to a moment in your life where you were very invested in a series and you can’t help but analyze everything about it. If by reading this review a specific series comes to mind, this movie is for you. Eight minutes of cinematic quality and it’s clear that when priority is given to what matters most in life, the world can wait. This award-winning comedy is a parody of the Dead Lesbian Syndrome.

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