Together Forever

Romance/Drama, 8 min 25 sec

Log line: A short about marriage equality, perfect timing, and creating romance in the everyday.


…draws you in right away and tugs at your heartstrings

If you enjoy sweet, heartwarming shorts about queer couples, then “Together Forever” is the film for you! “Together Forever” is a film about marriage equality, finding the perfect timing for the perfect moments, and creating romance in your everyday life. Directed by filmmaker duo Kris and Lindy Boustedt, the short draws you in right away and tugs at your heartstrings. You are first introduced to Jenna (Carollani Sandberg) alone in her apartment, typing away at her laptop, frazzled and frustrated. It’s easy to sympathize with her after she runs out of wine (trust me, we’ve all been there). But in her search for a new wine bottle, Jenna discovers much more. And once her girlfriend Robin (Angela DiMarco) arrives home from work, the two have an illuminating conversation, to say the least.

I was particularly impressed with the performances, especially from Sandberg, and the palpable chemistry between her and DiMarco. Considering the fact that there was no dialogue until around halfway into the film, Sandberg does a phenomenal job at silently conveying Jenna’s emotions in the moments leading up to her discovery. The bond between Jenna and Robin is so strong that you can practically feel the love and joy and giddiness throughout the screen. And you can’t help but hold a hand to your heart and try not to squeal with the excitement of a two-year-old at the sight of the two lovebirds dancing.

Overall, “Together Forever” stole my heart. I loved the performances, chemistry between the two lead actors, and the romantic music. I only wish it could have been longer—we need more of their beautiful gay love! If you want more, make sure to check out the sequel, “Brides to Be”.


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Written By Shawna

Written By Shawna

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