Walk With Me

Drama, 1 hr 52 min

Walk With Me follows the emotional journey of a young mother who leaves her husband to find her footing in the world. As she finds her way, she stumbles into unexpected love with another woman.


A story of love, finding yourself, finding your person, being a parent, and being visible, all in one carefully crafted movie; this is a must-see film for anyone and everyone!…

I’ll let you in on a little secret…as a reviewer, when I see a film that I believe to be incredible my heart sings, I get goosebumps all over, and I jump for joy. Despite not being involved in the filmmaking process, I almost do a victory dance just because even as a LBTQ film fan it is so validating to see excellent content being made and being available for audiences to watch. It becomes a pleasure to write about and share with readers the many ways the film has made me feel and the delights it can have in store for you! Walk With Me did just that! A story of love, finding yourself, finding your person, being a parent, and being visible, all in one carefully crafted movie; this is a must-see film for anyone and everyone!

Walk With Me is Isabel del Rosal’s first feature film as writer, director, and editor, and if this is a sign for things to come then I cannot wait for more! If by chance Isabel reads this, please don’t wait another 4 years to complete your next project; I am waiting eagerly on the sidelines! So onto the nitty-gritty, what has got me so hyped up you wonder? Well here’s the truth, I have now reviewed 30 women-loving-women films in less than 6 months and that’s not counting the many others I’ve just watched without reviewing, but no other film I’ve seen has given us as much character growth as you’ll see in Walk With Me. You will see not just one, not two, not even 3, or 4, but every character in this film (across all generations) has been given meticulous backstory and depth to their core; revealing who they are and how they have become who we see, yet also how they are still growing within themselves. Life is a series of self-discoveries and Walk With Me has managed to highlight this in all its beauty. The characters feel real, the story is not dramatized, and the situations, inhibitions, and tough life decisions are all very relatable.

Walk With Me follows Amber (Devin Dunne Cannon) as she braves the decision to leave a long but worn out relationship with her husband to start a life in which she can finally find her own footing in the world and within herself. Amidst all the changes in her life Amber finds herself unexpectedly falling in love with Logan (Bridget Barkan). Both women have already had their fair share of life’s challenges and we are blessed with seeing what has shaped them and what is yet to come. This film covers a lot of ground but does so intricately with interwoven character arcs and a supportive lens on each character. Some might find Walk With Me a bit of a slow-build but I would say that it is gently-paced, allowing the audience time to breathe in each moment whilst reflect upon each nugget of information so that we can appreciate each character and their motivations that much more.

I applaud the whole cast for their impeccable acting; never overdone yet all so realistic. Cheerleaders of women-loving-women content will be glad to know that there is plenty of subtle flirtatious glancing, finger grazing, forehead-to-forehead touching, and love-making to admire in all its cinematic glory during this film. I commend Yura Makarov – Director of Photography, for not only capturing the pivotal expressions worn on the faces of the actors but also some stunning shots that will no doubt leave some women having the hots for the female protagonists. One remarkable take was definitely of Logan simply radiating on stage, singing her heart out, red-hair ablaze with a matching red-oak-coloured guitar in hand. Yes that’s right lesbians…there is a woman who plays an acoustic guitar in this film, a woman who is an artist, a scene of walking along the beach – picking up rocks no less! (unintentional nod to Ammonite?) and one woman discovering she may be physically attracted to another woman – shock, horror! – and grappling to come to terms with it. Basically you could say that there’s a lot of common lesbian film stereotypes that make an appearance in Walk With Me but it is embedded so naturally and in-character that one may not notice nor mind; moreover these factors can actually be embraced without feeling forced. Now, last but by no means least, the music! Oh my goodness! Written by Juno nominated singer-songwriter Amanda Walther, tailor-made for this film, 16 original songs make up the soundtrack. As stated on the film’s official website (walkwithmemovie.com), ‘the music is seamlessly interwoven into, and equal part to, the emotional DNA of what makes ‘Walk With Me’ the beautiful journey that it is.’ – this description is spot on! To think that this is also Amanda’s first feature film project! What is it with these creatives and making magic on their first feature? I want to listen to all those amazing songs that make up the riveting soundtrack to this film on repeat, like indefinitely!

A true diamond-in-the-rough, just a stone’s-throw away from perfection, I would honestly recommend this film not only to any LBTQ film lovers but to their friends and families, and allies. This film offers a sincere insight into how a young mother, a late-bloomer if you will, can struggle to come to terms with falling in love, finding their passion in life, becoming comfortable within their own skin, and their feelings of attraction to unexpected sources. Love, loss, sacrifice, fear, excitement, yearning, and facing up to one’s choices, leaving no room for regret, are all touched upon with grace and tenderness. Walk With Me had everything I could hope for in an LBTQ film and is testament to how indie films can often trump big-budget studio films and I hope for the LGBTQIA+ community’s sake that films such as this one will be given the opportunity to be viewed on a global scale for more people to see this positive representation and awesome storytelling.

If you enjoyed watching films like Rain Beau’s End or Forever Not Maybe (both available worldwide on Lesflicks Video-on-Demand platform) then Walk With Me will be right down your alley! Walk With Me can currently be watched at the Wicked Queer Film Festival 2021. You can catch it in its last weekend now!

I would like to leave you with a quote from Walk With Me: “you do exist, you matter; if she doesn’t see that, she doesn’t deserve you”. Far too often LGBTQIA+ people are maltreated and neglected. It is the Lesflicks mission to help this community be seen onscreen and to enable you to see yourself onscreen. Let us all support positive indie films like this one. Subscribe to/follow @Lesflicks and #AmplifyLBTQfilm


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