We Need a Little Christmas

Family/Holiday/Drama, 1 hr 3 min

Log line: A little love, a little play, and a little pain.


truly a breath of festive fresh air and a joy to watch…

Blimey, I did not expect this–although a little rough around the edges, this feature-length film about an all-black cast portraying best friends going to a cabin for a Christmas weekend was a real delight to watch. What made the world of difference is that even if the image quality and sound in a low budget film such as this one was not great, the core of the content from the backstory and authenticity of the characters, the emotions on show, to the spirit of Christmas, was there in all its glory.

We Need a Little Christmas follows Trisha Covington-Smith as she tries to put together the perfect Christmas getaway for her family and best friends to create that special ‘Real-Big-Family-Christmas’ feeling at a cabin she had rented out for just such an occasion. Joining Trish on this adventure is her wife Chris, their 2 daughters, best friends Lindsay and Brighton, party-crasher Angel, and maybe a surprise visit or two from unexpected guests in dreamscape and reality. And no, they’re not “Santa Claus” nor “The Ghost of Christmas Past”.

Unlike a stereotypical Hallmark-style Christmas movie, this film dares to explore the nitty-gritty real-life problems that a group of friends can realistically be going through. There is grief, tension, arguments, flirting, awkward silence, pent-up anger, and the ever-so-cheery one in the group. Really and truly the only aspect of the film that was hard to believe was how well-behaved and conveniently tucked away the children were when they were not needed. The tone of the film was very grounded; keeping it real and making the characters more relatable and lovable. I enjoyed elements like the cursing paired with sweet saccharin lines, face-palm moments, heart-felt scenes, laugh-out-loud points, and downhill struggles. I liked that this film was bold enough to share how Christmas can be a tough reminder for those who have lost loved ones, but inadvertently highlighted the value of found family.

Now, I don’t know if I believe in Christmas miracles, but this film made me want to believe in lost loves being found again, in broken friendships being mendable, in supposedly ‘straight’ women engaging in not-so-straight activities, and in children being angelically well-behaved without supervision. In other words, it made me believe anything is possible, and that’s some inspirational Christmas spirit right there.

In essence, this Holiday film was full of originality, had a vibrant energy, an awesome soundtrack, and it really encapsulated the family-drama and reconciliation part of Christmas. This was truly a breath of festive fresh air and a joy to watch. It had great POC and LBTQ representation, and ended on a high note with a chorus of Christmas songs belted out with such Holiday cheer that it left me with a smile on my face. And that’s exactly what a Christmas movie should do! Thankfully, you don’t have to wait until December 25th to watch this. We Need a Little Christmas is available now on Lesflicks VOD by rental or standard subscription


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