We Two

Drama, 3 min

 A quiet look at two women’s last goodbye.


Even the happy memories are fading

The end of a relationship can be filled with a myriad of emotions. Nostalgia. Sadness. Relief. Despair. Emptiness. Nia and Mia (Grace Carter and Lynsey Murrell) has emptied the flat and the only thing left to do is to say goodbye. Director Grace Porter lets us witness this wordless farewell through a Super8 lens and ethereal sounds.

The Super8 format gives a nostalgic feeling, like looking at a long lost home video from a time that feels like a separate life. This is combined with a score, composed by Gavin Swift, which adds an airy, almost fragile, touch to this already delicate short.

Though some imagery borders on cliché – laughing turning into crying or soundless screaming – We Two manages to incapsulate the essence of the very end; when everything has been said and there is nothing else to do but to go separate ways. Even the happy memories are fading.

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Rebecka Öberg

Rebecka Öberg

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