Why We Need a Pride

Biography, Campaign, Poem, 5 min 4 sec

Short inspiration film set to a poem about why LGBT Pride is important to say thanks to human right’s campaigners and to show solidarity. Dedicated to those who lost their lives in the Orlando attack.

 Want a reminder of why we go out and celebrate Pride? This is it!

Written, directed and produced by Helen Oakleigh in 2016, this inspiring short film narrated to a poem illustrates the importance of Pride and why it is still relevant in 2020. Oakleigh does a brilliant job of explaining why Pride should be celebrated today despite the significant advances the community has made in achieving equal rights. She takes us back to the 1980s and paints a picture of what life was like growing up then, emphasising the homophobia, struggles and barriers the community faced. Through her lyrical wit she takes us on a journey of how equal rights has evolved over the years and how it has changed the course of life today. She shows us how easy it is for us in today’s world to take the community’s advances for granted. Oakleigh reminds viewers that the Pride celebration should be rightly seen as a homage to those who stood up for equality and as a celebration and reminder of those that paved the way forward for many of us. Oakleigh appreciates that the journey is not yet complete and that we need to stand in solidarity. By producing this short, Oakleigh ensures this message forms part of the narrative for the community moving forward.

During the time of filming, the tragic Orlando attack took place and in light of that this short has been dedicated to the victims of that attack.

This is an incredibly moving and inspirational short and one which should have a place in every Pride celebration. I would recommend watching it more than once to appreciate the depth of Oakleigh’s words.

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An incredibly moving and inspirational short that serves as a reminder as to why we still need Pride today.

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