Will You Merry Me?

Comedy, 6 min 5 sec

Popping the question is easy, right?

It’s a cracker of a short and well worth indulging in, perhaps with a mulled wine…

Will You Merry Me? (dir. Kevin Walls) is a sweet little Christmas short set in a romantic restaurant. We are introduced to Emily (Rachel Flynn) who is alone at a table, nervously practising a marriage proposal she means to deliver to her girlfriend, Jessie Cutler (Angie Noir), when she arrives.

The Christmas scene is set but fate comically intervenes at every turn as Emily’s attempts to propose to Jessie are continuously thwarted by a seemingly endless set of entertaining, at least for us, interruptions. There’s a waiter whose eccentricities extend to listing wine and coke varietals methodically and thoroughly to the extreme. And there’s work pressure and a very annoying phone also interrupting Emily’s best laid plans. This is all to the chagrin of Emily who has a singular purpose in mind for the evening.

Her reaction to all this is highly enjoyable to watch and Will You Merry Me ticked all the Christmas fuzzy boxes for me. It’s a cracker of a short and well worth indulging in, perhaps with a mulled wine to boot.

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