First Day

Live Action Narrative Fiction, 17m 42s

It’s Hannah’s first day of high school and the first day she’ll present at school as female.



Inspiring the next generation to be confident and happy as whoever they may be

First Day is written and directed by Julie Kalceff and follows Hannah, a trans girl who is planning to attend secondary school as a girl after transitioning from a boy to a girl in the last year of primary school.

This is a short film, 20 minutes in length, that concisely shows the challenges Hannah experiences. It highlights all-too-common experiences such as sideward glances, not being allowed to use the girl’s bathroom, mis-gendering, and her primary school friends calling her ‘Tommy-boy’ and taunting her.

It covers legal names, the need for staff-training and also challenges around dealing with other parents in a very clear way.

I particularly like how it shows Hannah enjoying lots of things like football, cycling, video games and wearing colourful, feminine clothes. I feel this was really making a statement about all of the gender stereotyping that takes place in children.

The narrative and cinematography helps to show the effect all of these interactions have on Hannah herself, and also the difference being true to herself has on her confidence, happiness and performance at school and ultimately we see across the arc of this film that she transitions from an unhappy child, into a confident and happy child – which is all anyone wants for their children at the end of the day, isn’t it?

This film would make an excellent educational tool for schools across the globe, as it is honest in the problems that come up, but also positive and inspiring and shows that progression is possible.

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