Good Kisser

Romance, 1 hr 14 min

Log line: Careful what you wish for


a sexy romp that seduces and entertains from beginning to end

Good Kisser is written and directed by Wendy Jo Carlton, the director/producer of “Hannah Free”, “Jamie & Jessie are Not Together” and “Easy Abby series”. “Good Kisser” is a fun addition to her growing filmography and is a much watch for queer audiences. 

Good Kisser delivers on its namesake. The film is an unapologetic look at an unconventional coupling. Viewers will be on bated breath at the psychological sparring displayed by Kate and Jenna, a couple in a rut looking to add a third party for an evening tryst. The beautiful and eccentric Mia is game for a night of unabashed pleasures. 

After a few awkward tequila shots, some playful dancing and an impromptu palm reading, Mia caresses Jenna with a single ice cube and slowly melts away her inhibitions. Meanwhile Kate steals kisses from Mia whenever Jenna leaves the room. It’s clear this isn’t Kate and Mia’s first dalliance. Once Jenna’s trust in Kate is diminished the power dynamic takes on an unexpected turn as Jenna puts her own desires first in an empowering climax with a strategically placed popsicle. As temperatures rise so do the stakes for Jenna and Kate’s relationship. 

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Nicole DM

Nicole DM

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Nicole De Meneses is a freelance Writer, Director and Producer working in the Bay Area, USA. She was the 2nd AD and Associate Producer on the Feature film Freshman Year staring Diallo Thompson, Gregory Alan Williams, Benjamin A. Onyango, Natalia Dominguez and worked as an Associate Producer for Prankster Entertainment on the feature film Free Byrd Staring Raymond J. Barry. Recently she produced the QTPOC Web Series Chosen Fam staring Lea RobinsonEmily Chau and Bianka Alexandria Bell. Her latest film project is the Lesbian Paranormal Thriller called "The Ghost of Stow Lake".