Good Morning

Comedy/Romance, 10 min 3 sec

Log line: What you want is what you want! 


Communication is key in this quirky and inspiring short film.

A quirky and inspiring lesbian comedy short film written and directed by B. Danielle Watkins. Starring Jasmine Thompson and Ta’Nesha Finley, the story follows Melrose in the lookup for the ideal person who meets her most desired requisite: an energetic “Good Morning” text to start the day off on the right foot. The demand is peculiar, but in fact it is quite simple; a situation that drives Lyn, Melrose’s best friend, crazy.

Melrose is a picky woman who may take longer to experience if the person she is choosing is entirely the “ideal person,” but who by following her hunch and honestly expressing what she is looking for from the beginning will remove what is not in her best interest. With the Internet, dating sites and apps made it easier to find someone to date. Some people take it more seriously than others and there is zero wrong with taking your time. After all, if you don’t respect yourself, no one else will.

A full 10 minute short film of simplistic, but hilarious performances. Another win for B. Danielle Watkins in yet another of her comedy films that are quite a delight. If you enjoy the unconventional and unusual type of comedy, take your time and check out this entertaining piece of artwork. Perchance you have something in common with Melrose. Also, don’t rule out watching comedies like “her HER,” or the web series “3030.” Both positive recommendations that will certainly make you spend a non-stressful evening.

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