Holiday Help Desk

Holiday short, 15 min

When Lauren gets stuck working her IT job on Christmas Eve, a simple call for technical help turns into holiday magic

 A story that shows the beauty of connecting during lonely times.

 Holiday Help Desk tells the story of IT helpdesk worker Lauren, who is spending Christmas Eve in her office. When her colleague Christina calls to get help with a technical issue, they bond over their shared outlook on the winter holidays: having both been broken up with over the Christmas period, neither of them thinks of the season as a particularly happy time. They find comfort in each other’s company, and decide to spend their solitary time together.

As a short film, it is a perfect little nugget of unpretentious joy. Yes, the storyline and dialogue are cheesy at times, but given that it is a Christmas short, it would almost be a crime for it not to be cheesy. The short is very much the audiovisual equivalent to comfort-food, and is sure to cheer you up when you are feeling down.

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The Techy bit

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