LA Influencer Handbook

Comedy/Drama, 15 min eps

Log line: A young woman moves to L.A. from Oklahoma to pursue a life as an influencer after making a promise to herself to follow in her late mother’s footsteps as an entertainer.

you will fall in love with the characters!

Alright Lesflicks fans, webseries lovers, and Los Angelenos! It’s time for you to mark your calendars for October 24th, 2020, and get your eyeballs ready for the new female driven dramedy webseries LA Influencer Handbook, coming to Youtube. Produced by ArykaPProductions and directed by Aryka Randall, Brianca Williams, and Brittany Hall, LA Influencer Handbook puts a fresh and funny spin on the age-old trope of a small town/Midwestern girl moving to California to follow her dreams. In the series, Erin (Ines Ware France) makes the big move from Oklahoma to Los Angeles to follow in her late mother’s footsteps and become an influencer. I found the first two episodes pretty solid and enjoyable to watch—definitely looking forward to seeing the rest of the series!

Some things I liked about this series so far are its soundtrack, cinematography, lighting, and the writing. I found a few performances to be a bit stiff at times, but for the most part, they were pretty solid and believable. Ines Ware France does a phenomenal job at conveying Erin’s earnestness and ambition, without tipping over into the stereotypical naïve, innocent, and gullible small town girl persona. Her character intrigues me—she does appear a little naïve sometimes (mainly due to the fact that she’s new to Los Angeles and the film/influencer world), but I can tell that she has a good head on her shoulders and that she is brave enough to stand up for herself, even when it could cost her connections. I also appreciate that she is a Midwestern young black woman trying to make a name for herself in a white-dominated influencer world. I only wish I could’ve seen more of her personality—maybe she is still figuring herself out, or maybe we will get a better sense of who she is in the next episodes.

The other characters will grab you and pull you in as well. What excited me about them were how there seem to be multiple layers to everyone. It made my heart happy to see how quickly Jason befriended Erin, almost as if he knew she would need it. At first glance, he seems like your stereotypical gay man, but soon you find out there is much more to him and that he has suffered a great loss in his life. I like his friend Rae, but I don’t know much about her other than her obvious interest in Erin. Hopefully we see more of her and her journey. But the one character that surprised and struck me the most was Melanie. My first impression of her was that she was a stereotypically snobby and arrogant LA actress type—my second impression of her was so much different! She actually showed real kindness to Erin and quickly formed a connection with her to support her in the film industry. I honestly thought she would be a throwaway character or at least a very small role, but I am very excited to learn more about Melanie—there is definitely more to her than meets the eye.

There was a very short scene of a Black Lives Matter march in the series, with almost all the participants wearing face masks, which isn’t something that I saw in any of the rest of the scenes. I understand it was by chance that this march was really taking place during filming so was an in-production addition. Due to this, it feels a little out of place because the scene takes you out of the story, especially with the masks, suggesting this is set in a world with COVID-19, when this is the only reference to masks and Covid-19 in the two episodes; but I can see why the opportunity to capture such a scene and give it a permanent record on screen was too good to miss.

I found LA Influencer Handbook pretty fun and magnetic so far! I’m really excited to see more and find out if Erin will achieve her dreams. I’m sure Los Angeles residents will especially be drawn to this and amused by it. Even if you’re not in Los Angeles, you will definitely fall in love with the characters, no matter where you are from. Don’t miss this new queer comedy webseries, premiering on Youtube October 24th!

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Written By Shawna

Written By Shawna

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