Lone Wolf

Short, 7 min

A sleepover at her crush’s house leads to some strange discoveries for Sam.


A relatable story with an unexpected twist


Lone Wolf opens with teenager Sam being (ever so coolly) dropped off by her mother, around the corner from her friend Willow’s house. She’s staying over for Willow’s birthday party, but one of the other guests decides to make some biting comments that hit slightly too close to home.

Even though with a 7-minute runtime, this is definitely at the shorter end of the shorts, there are a lot of moments that ring true for anyone who was insecure about their body and their friendship while they were a teen – and really, is there anything more tautological than saying ‘insecure teen’. One perfectly-captured sentiment is Sam’s constant embarrassment at her own changing body, even though all but one of the other girls are actually really nice to her and try to make her feel better: this shows that a young person’s idea of how they are perceived, can sometimes feel more constraining than what people actually say about them.

In equal measures cute, heartbreaking, and funny, the short’s concluding sequence brings it into a whole new realm of storytelling. As ridiculous as this mini-plot twist is, it actually fits surprisingly well with the rest of the subject matter, and brings the short to a satisfying conclusion.

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