Monica Loose on a Cruise

Documentary, 13 mins

Monica takes the trip of a lifetime with younger friends Jai and Lyla. Random encounters and reflections on life, love and lesbians under the Caribbean sun.



Monica charms the birds from the trees in her epic first Lesbian cruise

MONICA – LOOSE ON A CRUISE is directed by Angie West and Veronica McKenzie. This short documentary shows the adorable Monica on her first lesbian cruise with close friends Jai and Lyla (from Colourful Pink). Angie and Jac also make cameo appearances in this delicious insight into Monica’s trip of a lifetime around the Caribbean.

Angie West has been a director on several films including the 2014 12 minute short, Female Masculinity Appreciation Society. Also directing is Veronica McKenzie, who started out producing segments at the infamous UK cable station L!ve TV, followed by writing comedy sketches for TV and radio. Filming on board a large ship at sea meant challenging filming conditions in relation to sound quality due to the wind. Part of a cruise experience is standing on deck with the glorious backdrop so this reflects the need to sometimes take a risk for the potential visual reward.

We follow Monica on an Olivia cruise for lesbians, where she shares her journey and experiences with an easy going attitude. There are great scenes of Monica sharing her thoughts with other holiday makers and some great phrases such as ”Cruises are for old people and me being 21”. Every scene makes you smile as you were invited to watch Monica take on new adventures. Near the end of the film she tells us “dancing is my thing and I’ll be dancing until the end” and this is what sticks with you even days after you have seen this film. Monica is a delight to watch and would recommend this film to everyone who is young at heart.

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