Passage: The Series

Sci-Fi Webseries, 6 episodes/6-8 minutes

Passage is an episodic paranormal sci-fi drama centered around Janus Agent Ali Prader. This queer mom is a top paranormal operative for a secret division called Caelus within the government. Ali is able to balance her professional and personal life – that is until she starts to unravel a thread that opens the door to a new crucial shift in power.

Passage draws you in with each cleverly imbued twist

Passage (dir. Christin Baker) is a paranormal sci-fi series that has a lead character with a difference. A veteran and a top paranormal investigator, but also a lesbian mum to boot. She is Janus agent Ali Prader (Shannan Leigh Reeve), a level three and highly sought after paranormal operative for a secret government division called Caelus. Caelus appears, on the surface, to be a government organisation that investigates paranormal entities that need help moving on.

The story begins in rather an intriguing way, in which we are introduced to the team and their interactions with various ‘entities’. The scene is set in the first episode in which Prader, reluctantly, is teamed up with two other Janus agents. It immediately becomes apparent that the new recruit, Diana Atwell, played with sexy nerdiness by Mandahla Rose, has a strong effect on Prader. 

In episode two we are then introduced to Prader’s wife Kate (Nicole Pacent). There’s clearly an intense chemistry between the loved-up pair but Prader appears to struggle with what many people do, balancing family life alongside her career.

Tensions are high in Passage as Prader struggles to deal with emotional family issues, a growing chemistry with fellow agent Diana Atwell and an increasing unease at Caelus’ real role in the entities passage. With each episode there’s a rising sense that perhaps Caelus isn’t all it is made out to be. And, as we follow the tenacious Prader and tech-savvy, adorably dorky Atwell through the series, we soon discover Caelus has secrets that go deeper than even the agents themselves appear to know.  We are left wondering who to trust and how far the deceit goes. 

All in all, Passage is a fun, intriguing watch and has a lot to like about it. The performances are good and very likeable, if a little stilted at times, and the show treats us to special effects that are very clever, when given the relatively small, largely crowd-funded budget that Passage was made with. The soundtrack sets the mood and there are some quite striking cityscape shots throughout that give us a clear sense of place. The fact that this series is all female created, too, is an added bonus. 

Passage draws you in with each cleverly imbued twist, combined with some good performances and an interesting storyline. I, for one, was left wanting to know more and at the end of each episode I was swiftly hitting the next button to find out what was going to transpire in this intriguing, female lead, sci-fi series.

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