Role of a Lifetime

Thriller short, 13 min

Her future was going to be a dream. Then, the past woke her up.

Role of a Lifetime is a fun take on the classic cheesy horror short

Role of a Lifetime is the quintessential, if slightly clunky, early-career horror flick, featuring sibling rivalry, fame, young love and the age-old question “how late does brunch have to be until it becomes lunch?”

Everything seems to be falling into place for Amber O’Shea (Elyse Winn). She has just received an Oscar nomination and is getting ready to propose to her partner Liz (Rain Dove Dubilewski). But things start to go awry when her estranged sister (Larena Danielle) shows up and life as she knows it starts to unravel.

A genderqueer* romantic lead, draped in TomboyX attire, was something I didn’t know I needed until this film. Okay, fine – I totally knew. Put a genderqueer romantic lead in every movie, dammit – you could dress a broom in TomboyX** and I’d probably watch it. My specific representation wishlist aside, the film’s strength is that the queerness is commonplace. It presents a queer relationship at the centre which is at no point mentioned nor questioned. It’s just… normal? Conversely from most queer representation, the relationship between Liz and Amber is the only thing which holds any stability. It was a welcome twist to see that trauma was not erupting from our lead kissing someone other than a cis man. 

Be warned though, this is still quite a violent film – the violence is just adjacent to the queer kissing, instead of as a result of it. Think Scary Movie’s answer to Killing Eve, if Eve had settled down with an amicable, brunch-loving queer. And the rival Villanelle was her sister. Perhaps this is where the comparison falters slightly – but you get the gist.

It’s gay. 

The film is held back by some growing pains in terms of production quality, which sometimes takes the viewer out of the story. Secondly the narrative develops through conversation which often feels artificial, making it harder to connect with the characters.

Still, with occassionally quippy dialogue and an entertaining performance from Larena Danielle, Role of a Lifetime is a fun (ie. queer) take on the classic cheesy horror short. This one wasn’t for me, but if you’re looking for a short burst of queer horror that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this flick has got you covered. 

*The actor identifies as genderqueer, the character’s identity is not discussed in the film.

** This review is not sponsored by TomboyX, but I wish my life was.

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