Room For Two

Short, 15 min

Suspecting her partner of an affair, Helena goes to extreme lengths to discover the truth.


A beautiful neo-noir short that lets its silence do the talking


One commonly-cited criticism of lesbian film is the lack of genre films available that put relationships between women at their core. While there are some beautiful coming-of-age films of women discovering their sexuality, and there are amazing lesbian side characters in genre films, there are very few films that have lesbian main characters, without their sexuality immediately being the focal point of the film.

Enter Room For Two. In this short, main character Helena suspects her partner of having an affair, when the latter says she has to leave the country for longer than expected to complete a photoshoot for her work. In order to investigate further, Helena books a room in an Airbnb-esque house, which is run by her partner’s suspected lover. While in the house, she stumbles upon various clues, leading her ultimately to the truth.

The short is visually beautiful, with amazing choices made in terms of costume and location scouting. In terms of the script, there isn’t an over-abundance of dialogue, which allows the mise-en-scène and the actors to play a key role in conveying the plot. Altogether, a fresh take on traditional noir conventions.

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