Season of Love

Romantic Comedy, 1 h 43 min

The queer women’s holiday story you’ve been waiting for!


Finally, a Christmas film you can relate to!

It goes without saying that cinema lacks adequate representation of lesbians at Christmas time. Of course, there’s Todd Hayne’s Carol (2015) and Netflix’s new teen flick Let it Snow (2019) dir. Luke Snellin, but Season of Love (2019) dir. Christin Baker shines through as a film explicitly about Christmas, focusing specifically on queer women and wlw relationships. Baker uses the framework of Richard Curtis’ Love Actually (2003) to follow the stories of several women in the days leading up to Christmas. Some of the main characters include Sue (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), a struggling musician who is held back by anxiety and responsibilities caring for her mother, Lou (Jessica Clark), a neurotic workaholic whose life is consumed by the opening of her new brewery, and Iris (Emily Goss), who initially ties the characters together at her wedding, but when her fiancé leaves her at the alter, he leaves his sister Mardou (Laur Allen) to take care of her over the holiday season.

The incredibly diverse cast presents so many examples of the female experience, displacing stereotypes in regard to what queer women should be or look like. All the women in the main cast do, however, adhere to the image of the Lipstick Lesbian, perhaps Futch at a push, and although it would have been nice to see some butch representation, I am reluctant to overly criticise the film for this. Season of Love handles such a variety of subject matter, such as disability and mental health, and it’s refreshing to see this in a light-hearted lesbian film about Christmas. Not only is Season of Love a great film about Christmas, though, it also has all the ingredients of an excellent romantic comedy, which is so rare in lesbian cinema. While I do believe the Lesbian-Christmas-Romantic-Comedy genre still has a long way to go, Season of Love is definitely a great foundational staple, and I really hope this is the start of a trend for lesbian Christmas films to follow.

If you’re a fan of Love Actually, this is the lesbian holiday movie you’ve always wanted.

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