Sleeping Longing (Dormir Désir)

Drama, 13 min

It’s my father’s funeral. I want steak frites. I want to jump into the pool. I want to fuck. I want to sleep. I don’t want to sleep.


This short shows how loss can be all-consuming, but exists in everyday practice

Sleeping Longing is an autobiographical short which centres on grief and loss, and stars two unnamed lovers who take the difficult journey to a funeral.

There is little to no dialogue and as such, we are invited to sit with the main character played by Carla Turcotte has she mourns and is consumed by the loss of her father and is accompanied by her lover played by Nathalie Dourmmar.The low lighting and sober score of the film echoes the darkness of grief, and is contrasted with the comforting presence of a voice of the departed. At times we are left wondering if this is a dream or reality; the small vignettes which consist of everyday moments such as driving, eating, swimming, sleeping, going to a bar, the funeral itself and even having sex are punctuated with moments of stillness and silence. 

Having said  that, this short may not be for everyone; but it does beautifully capture the in-between moments to which grief can take you, and the understated performance of Carla Turcotte should not be missed.

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