Something In The Closet

Short, 14 min

A queer teenager struggles with her sexuality, as desires manifest their way from the depths of her eerie closet into reality.


In reality, one of the biggest steps toward adulthood is facing your fears on your own.

Something in the Closet tells a snapshot of the story of Maddie. Maddie is just another teenager in high-school, playing silly games with her friends. But from what seems to be yet another innocent game of spin the bottle, a monster has been awoken in her bedroom closet.


The film does a wonderful job in depicting the fear of coming out by materialising it as every child’s worst nightmare: a scary monster, hiding in their bedroom closet. It shows the audience that really, one can only truly know what is behind that closet door until they open it and face it; even though Maddie’s mother presents as empathetic, realising something is going on her with child.

A wonderful message to take away from the film is that in reality, one of the biggest steps toward adulthood is facing your fears on your own.

This article was written by:

Petit Printemps

Petit Printemps


Petit Printemps is a QPOC film enthusiast who began volunteering at various LGBTQ+ Film festivals such as NewFest in NYC and Inside Out in Toronto. Before moving to London, she was on the Board of Directors of Inside Out. In London, she volunteered with Wotever DIY Film Festival and Fringe! Queer Film Fest and began writing film reviews.


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