Spilt Milk

Drama, 18 mins

Single mom Ximena juggles the demands of her job while struggling to care for her young son. After an encounter with her former lover, Lena, whom she conceived her son with via sperm donor, old wounds are reopened and finally addressed.


a powerful short film about same sex families, showing the reality of parenthood and the impact of love

Spilt Milk, is short film directed by Cierra Glaudé and written by Mechi Parada-Lakatos, and stars Dascha Polonca as Ximema and Lena respectively – two lovers who reconnect after a period of separation, their bond is the child they conceived together via a sperm donor who is now being raised by Ximena. This film leaves many questions unanswered, why did they split up? 

In the opening scene of the film we see Ximena struggling: her car won’t start, she is told by the school that she needs to make other arrangements for her son who has autism plus she has to go to the grocery store to get her sons favourite milk. A chance meeting over ‘spilt milk’ in the local grocery store brings these two women together and it is clear there were questions of sexual identity and betrayal… ‘so are you gay now!’ snides Ximena at the various pro LGBTQI pins Lena has on her grocery store uniform. Lena is quick to correct Ximena by simply saying ‘queer… and I was’ but she is cut short by Ximena who reminds her that her ‘queerness’ seems questionable in light of the fact she left her for ‘white dude’. This scene shows the messiness of their relationship – Ximena is left literally holding the baby whilst Lena travelled to San Francisco to pursue her career and despite being deserted by Lena, Ximena still has feelings for her and reflects on their relationship. Will this chance meeting bring these two lovers back again?

The undertones of the relationship are handled with restraint by the director and the actors and this short film was a pleasure watch.

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