The Bra Mitzvah

Short Comedy, 9 min

The Bra Mitzvah is a comedic short about growing into adulthood, one bra at a time.

One can’t really go wrong with this nugget of comedic genius

I find it quite difficult to really connect with short films, especially comedic ones. It’s as if they try and fit too many little moments into one short batch of ten minutes, and it just ends up becoming, for lack of a better word, a clusterfudge. The Bra Mitzvah, directed by Stacy Jill Calvert, tells a a small slice of the story of Becca, whose Bat Mitzvah is just around the corner, but unfortunately for this plucky kid, “Nana says she needs a real bra”.

Despite a simple premise, Calvert has written a plethora of wild, runaway characters that cross the screen in a matter of moments. The film begins with a familial moment around the breakfast table, and it’s barely a minute of the short, but it’s so convincing and lovely. The other eight minutes that is hectic, wild, and even a tad disjointed at times, but it’s a whole ten minutes you’ll be glad you spent on it.

The main meat of the film, the hallowed “bra sequence”, is snippet after snippet of comedy gold. One barely gets their names, and yet the dynamic duo of Gertie and Ruth, who help Becca pick out the all-important bra become the highlight of the whole feature. There was also a rather touching side story weaved through the short, which complemented the overall narrative nicely.

The cinematography and editing for Calvert’s vision was also impressive to say the least. From start to finish, I found no jerky movements, mostly smooth transitions and an appropriate piece of music to accompany the scenes, fading in and out as needed. The acting was also stellar for the most part.

For ten minutes and a singular subject, Calvert managed to pack in a good amount of side themes and came out with an amusing and delightful little short. A healthy dose of kudos to all involved on this project from Lesflicks!

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