The Fortnight (Webseries)

Romance, 16 episodes/10-23mins

What if you met the one that got away ten years later? You’d be ten years smarter…right?


True love is just about finding that person that you choose over other people to endure all of the hard times that happens after the fairytale ends

The Fortnight, a webseries from the mind of director/writer Cory Xenos, is all about a couple of ladies called Luca and Peyton. A writer, Peyton (Alexandra Swarens), is suffering with  writers block (doesn’t sound familiar at all) and makes the decision to go to a friend’s cabin to get inspiration.

The series jumps straight into the drama with a woman laying on a bed, seemingly concerned about another woman called Luca. She is in a room with a travel bag sending desperate pleas of help on her mobile. A great opening; by the credits we’re left wondering who is Luca and why is this woman so stressed out about her?

It turns out Peyton arranged to stay in a friend’s cabin; however it has been double booked. Peyton has already arrived, so reluctantly has to stay there and share with a complete stranger. The other bookee, is a woman called Luca; not so much the stranger that she expected and the story unravels that they were together 10 years ago, with quite the storied and tumultuous history between them. The soundtrack and opening sequence really compliment each other in this piece. Hooked already, I mean what could possibly happen here?!

The series was released for free on YouTube every Tuesday and alongside the series are a plethera of extra content. Oh and did we mention the fandom? Yes, barely 3 months old and #Fortnighters are gathered on Twitter chanting for season 2!

We are treated to flashbacks of the young women all those years ago, citing lots of deep heart to heart conversations and of course, lingering looks.  In the present time, with the two former girlfriends have two weeks to catch up, as it were. I think most of us would have left after 20 minutes, but Peyton is a brave soul, and as a viewer one could really identify with that. A storm, lots of wine and an elephant in the room make for a cosy setting. 

Other than the 2 lead actors, there are various friends played by a supporting cast, whose fleeting performances greatly impress. There is a great chemistry between the leads, in between the gazes and the endless chatting (be prepared for a lot of dialogue). I did catch myself shouting at the screen a few times at them to get on with it! 

Overall, this webseries was really good, and had that classic ‘awkward exchange between former lovers’ gripping storyline that lesbians seem to eat up. From a scriptwriting standpoint, I personally felt it could have done with a little less talking. However, for many this could be a great watch for those who want a dialogue that’s raw, emotional and packed with drama that has left thousands of fans on the edge of their seats. 

This one is definitely worth a watch; and if you fancy going down a rabbit hole – check in with the Fortnighters fandom on Twitter!

This is Cory Xenos’ first solo web series, and she is a one-person creator doing everything from script to producing, editing and even the marketing. An impressive start and if there was less talking and more action I’d have given it an extra start for sure! 

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