The Ground Beneath My Feet

Drama, 1 h 48 min

Not yet 30, Lola controls her personal life with the same ruthless efficiency she uses to optimize profits in her job as a high-powered business consultant. No one knows about her older sister Conny or her family’s history of mental illness. But when a tragic event forces Conny back into Lola’s life and her secrets begin to unravel, Lola’s grip on reality seems to slips away.


The Ground Beneath My Feet will leave you pondering your own breaking point

THE GROUND BENEATH MY FEET is written and directed by Marie Kreutzer who does an amazing job of keeping the audience on edge throughout the film. It is a feature film following protagonist Lola (Valerie Pachner) as she juggles her work, her lover Elise (Mavie Hörbiger) and her sister Conny (Pia Hierzegger).

The Ground Beneath My Feet covers many topics such as Lola’s high powered job as a consultant saving businesses from bankruptcy, with the added pressure of colleagues trying to steal her promotion. As well as having a highly pressured work load her boss is also her lover, and they have to fit their secret relationship around flying in and out of various locations. If a stressful job plus a secret lover wasn’t enough to make her fall off the edge, she is also the legal guardian to her older sister, Conny. Conny suffers with paranoid schizophrenia and has suicidal tendencies and this puts a huge strain on the sisters relationship as Lola is often out of town on work commitments.      

Cinematographer Leena Koppe who works regularly with Kreuter did a great job of making the scenes intense by focusing more on the characters than what is happening in the background (most of which were plain and white or grey). Actress Valerie Pachner known for Egon Schiele:Death and the Maiden (2016) and Bad Luck (2015) is brilliant as Lola as she has so many hats to wear Lover, sister, colleague, carer. She has the ability to keep a poker face until emotion is forced upon her character.  Sister Conny played by Pia Hierzegger is an actress and writer known for Die Notlüge (2017) and We Used to be Cool (2016) and is seen to go deep into character playing a paranoid schizophrenia with suicidal tendencies who has ended up back in an institution following an attempted suicide.

This film covers many issues such as mental health, inter-office relationships and the need to succeed at all costs. Even though this film is intense, there are moments of comical relief. You feel for Lola trying to juggle everything and living out of a suitcase and her need to succeed at the cost of her own happiness.

Trigger warning: this film contains suicide themes.

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