The Half of It

Coming of age comedy drama, 1 h 46min

A different kind of love story.


All three leads hold the viewer’s attention, as well as the connection between them

Something to think about: the lead character in this movie asks: “How many people find their big love?”

Well, in an ideal world, we all would.

Alice Wu, the mastermind behind lesbian cult classic comedy Saving Face, directs this new coming of age drama set in an American high school. Its premise, on the surface, seems samey – boy loves girl, boy gets another girl to write a letter (yes, some people still send these) to get girl, but of course, there’s a twist – girl loves girl too! Phew.

Are you still with us?

Three 17-something teenagers are each finding their way through high school. The voiceover, and the film, tells the story through the shy and smart student Ellie Chu (Leah Lewis), who makes a bit of extra dosh on the side by writing students’ essays. The other two key players are Paul Munsky (Daniel Diemer), an American football player, who’s a sweet guy in love but afraid to make a move and unable to express his feelings. He pays for Ellie to write some letters on his behalf to Aster Flores (Alexxis Lemire), our third and final pivotal character – a self-confessed attractive girl, relucantly accepting her popularity and giving up on her dream to be an artist.

Aster finds the letters, which soon turn into text messages, becoming something to look forward to at the end of her day. Soon, Ellie is messaging Aster back late at night and they quickly form a deeper connection, despite Aster assuming that it’s Paul. As with these movies, the course never run smoothly, and there are various twists and turns for the viewer to watch out for. There is homage to Heathers and Mean Girls (well, most American ‘popular girl’ movies), with obligatory shots of popular girls walking down the corridor, but all in all, it’s a sweet movie. Sure, we’ve seen traits of it told in various ways before – but basing it around a queer girl’s story in a major studio film is new, and all three leads hold the viewer’s attention, as well as the connection between them.

In a nutshell. It’s a wholly pleasant coming of age story. We here at Lesflicks label it a must-watch!

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