Time & Again

Drama, 28 min

Eleanor and Isabelle meet again, sixty years after their relationship break up…


A love story that lasted a life time

Rachel Dax writes and directs this masterpiece of our time. Time and Again is a story of two former lovers, Dame Sian Phillips and Bridget Forsyth as Eleanor and Isabelle, who meet again in a residential home sixty years after their relationship broke up. This tale of two young women separated by society only to be given the chance to make peace with each other in their twilight years.

Rachel Dax not only writes and directs this short, she also contributed lyrics to the song for the credits. Talented is not a strong or broad enough word to give her justice. Rachel is preparing her first feature film, Banned Girls, which should be ready to shoot some time in 2020/21.

The cast of Time & Again reads like a bucket list of power house women. Dame Sian Phillips (Eleanor) is no stranger to our screens. Appearing in many roles spanning over 7 decades from theatre, TV and film. Most famous film roles are Murphy’s War (1971), The Age of Innocence (1993) and Dune (1984) . She has also starred in many other films and TV shows along with the theatre picking up three BAFTAs and nominated for a Tony and an Olivier award for her portrayal of Marlene Dietrich in ‘Marlene’ on Broadway and the London’s West End. Acting alongside Sian is Brigit Forsyth (Isabelle) best known for playing Thelma Ferris in The Likely Lads and is currently starring in Still Open All Hours with David Jacobs. Brigit has been an actress for over 50 years and as well as her many theatre and radio roles she is also a musician and a composer for the cello and sings in a band of actors called The Fircones. There is also a very talented supporting cast with Welsh actress Mair Rowlands (Angela), Isabelle’s daughter. Mair has worked mainly in the Welsh language for the past 25 years and has appeared in the brilliant BBC hit show Keeping Faith and film credits include The Girls and Under Milk Wood. They are joined by Phoebe Rose White (Jess) who is Eleanor’s nurse. Phoebe has also starred in Rachel’s previous film A Delicate Love as Anne and was the lead in Craig Fisher’s Sweet Sixteen, which Rachel produced.

LesFlicks had the honour of attending the private screening in Cardiff at Chapter (don’t tell my mum or gran, they do the absolute best roast dinner I have ever had). This film is probably the only time I have seen an older lesbian couple on screen embracing one another. The scenes are elegantly filmed with the actresses having control over what is needed and how it is to be shown. Lesbian history is starting to become something that is more talked about and seen on screen (in 2018/19 we’ve seen Lizzie, Colette and Can You Ever Forgive Me to name just three). Hopefully this is just the start of more stories about lesbian lives beyound coming out! Although not illegal (thank Queen Victoria for that!), it was still a massive taboo to love another woman, and impacted many women for many years as this short clearly shows. Rachel, the cast, and the crew have made an amazing piece of lesbian cinematic history that shows that love can conquer the test of time.

If you adored Time and Again, as I did, you will love Snapshots (2018) based on a story by Jan Miller Corran.

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