Comedy, 18 mins

When friends Jessie and Belle go away for the weekend and drunkenly hook up, what seems like an awkward slip up to a firmly heterosexual Jessie is in fact an incredible betrayal to bisexual Belle.



a bisexual girl’s relationship with her friend changes overnight

Treacle is a short film written and produced by April Kelley and directed by Rosie Westhoff. It follows Belle (April Kelley) and her close friend Jessie (Ariana Anderson) as they go away for the weekend. We learn very early on that Belle is bisexual and actively sees both men and women.

A lot of the early shots are in the car on the journey, so include some beautiful shots of the American landscape that remind me how beautiful America is, and makes me want to go back to the States. We get to see how close Belle and Jessie are, and how much fun they have together. Once they arrive at the house they are renting for the weekend this continues with an equally beautiful backdrop of a stunning house with pool. We follow the girls as they chat and drink and their inhibitions come down. The intimate scenes are cleverly lit and shot in a way that draws you in and makes you feel like you are part of it. The pace of the film flows well throughout.

I loved the parallels between the outward car journey and the return car journey for showing just how much can change in one weekend when boundaries shift.

It is good to see a bisexual women’s story on screen, and as well as being a really interesting story, it allows Belle to raise a lot of common issues that being a bisexual woman can find with friends. It was refreshing and engaging and certainly one to watch. The soundtrack delicately flowed alongside the storyline subtly adding to the atmosphere and tension without taking over.

Lesbian artist Lots Holloway wrote and sung on several tracks within this film including ‘Lay your Head Down’ and ‘Standing in the Sun’.

BFI Flare 20191 logoWe saw this film as part of the 2019 BFI Flare: London LGBTQ+ Film Festival. The festival is running from 21 March to 31 March 2019.

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