Avocado Toast: The Series

Comedy/Drama/Romance, ~12 min

Log line: Avocado Toast the series is an intergenerational sex comedy exploring the comforts and awkwardness of sex from age 25 to 69. When it comes to millennials and baby boomers, these nuts haven’t fallen so far from the family tree. 


a refreshing take on the complexities of discovering your bisexuality

Avocado Toast is a refreshing take on the complexities of discovering your bisexuality – something that many people can relate to. It is a simple story of Molly (Perrie Voss) and Ellie (Heidi Lynch), millennials living their life unaware of the challenges they’re meant to face—until their paths cross again when Molly moves back in with her friend and former roommate Ellie, after a stint abroad in England ends up in heartbreak.

Everything Molly knew about herself is turned upside down as she finds herself battling her thoughts about what she experienced and trying to figure out her true identity and sexuality. Things become more difficult for her as she has to face the fact that her parents are in an open marriage and are in fact, swingers.

Ellie, on the other hand, is a carefree individual who comes to terms with what her life is and where it is headed. Throughout the series, her character is shown to be re-evaluating her life choices and thinking hard on them. She works for her mum’s business and sleeps with the clients. Soon she is hit with a hard truth to deal with; her mum is leaving her dad for a much younger man – someone who is roughly the same age as Ellie.

Throughout the series, there are twists and turns, but at the heart is simplicity – it propagates the beauty of true relationships and the strength of a genuine friendship. As you watch the episodes, you get the sense that this should have been more than just a web series and that 11 episodes are far too short to fully express the beautiful rhythm of the show that portrays the dynamic between the duo so nicely. The writers did a good job to portray the connection between the two friends. There are many instances where you see quick and witty banter between them, which is thoroughly enjoyable, and leaves you with a lingering thought in your mind—wanting more screen time for them together in a frame. The acting hits a sweet spot, despite the length of the episodes and web-series in general; the first episode is merely twelve minutes long.

The supporting cast did an outstanding job too and compel you to keep glued to your screen. The rapport between everyone is fabulous and you get a sense that you are amongst quirky, funny, and witty people whose company you will enjoy in real life too.

Even though the web series feels a bit short, at a little over two hours, it is still a fantastic watch and a must-see. By no means is it perfect—it has its flaws and there are a few plot holes and unresolved conflicts, but it is still worthy, and you can easily binge watch it too. Essentially, this show will appeal to different groups of all ages and backgrounds—especially people who are confused about their sexuality, people who are lost when it comes to relationships in life, and people who have friendship issues.

One thing that was evident by watching this series is that you are never too old to grow up, wise up, mature, and turn your life around. Regardless of whatever your beliefs are and whether you will like how the series ends or not, one thing is for sure, you will fall in love with the characters!

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