Two in the Bush: A Love Story

Comedy, Drama, Polyamory, 1 h 37 min

TWO IN THE BUSH is an unconventional romantic comedy about dungeons, a fish named Archimedes, and the many forms that love takes.



This may just be the first bi-poly sex dungeon rom-com

TWO IN THE BUSH: A LOVE STORY is the debut film by Laura Madalinski. Laura (previously found in the editing suite) makes her debut directorial with Two in the Bush: A Love Story. She also produced and wrote this amazing film. Kelly Haas, Laura’s Partner, and Sarah Mitchell all come together to write a script that combines all of their different previous life experiences and culminates in some great one-liners and an exciting story arc. They give you an insight into polyamory, a topic which I hadn’t previously seen on screen.

The film is about Emily (Sarah Mitchell), a bisexual who comes home to find her girlfriend in bed with her best friend. Not only that, Emily’s girlfriend is the sole name on the lease to the flat, so Emily has to find alternative accommodation. She finds solace on her friend Rosa’s (Melissa DuPrey) sofa. Then to top it off she is let go from her job. Could her week get any worse? After a while Rosa is getting worried about Emily’s addiction to daytime television and suggests she “gets back in the game” and work for a friend of Rosa’s. Emily ends up working for a dominatrix called Nikki (Caitlin Aase). Work is going well and after several failed Tinder dates, Emily starts to wonder if she’ll ever find happiness again. That is until Emily’s boss starts showing an interest in her. Nikki’s partner Ben (Travis Delgado) also shows an interest in Emily. Will polyamory give Emily her happy ending?

Sarah Mitchell has great comical timing throughout the film. With lines like “discreet is my middle name… no it’s Agnus”. There are also comical scenes with Emily’s first boss before he let her go. He is technically an ass who cares more about his fish Archimedes then any other living creature. Lines like “does he look depressed to you” and “my fish is sick I can’t deal with this right now” help you to really get on board with Emily. There are further scenes involving a butt plug (no spoilers from me, watch the film!) and a cat that is not happy with Emily getting attention from their owner!

If like me you hadn’t stumbled across the subject of polyamory before, this film will give you an insight. ‘Two in the Bush: A Love Story’ is a great film, which keeps you entertained through out the whole 97mins and will have you thinking ‘oh that’s how you clean a sex swing’. I can’t wait for their next collaboration.

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