Welcome Home

Comedy, Average Episode Length: 6mins

A sitcom about happy lesbians planning their wedding.

4 star rating


If you’re in search of a feel-good, perhaps cheesy, series, this is definitely the one for you.

“Bridezilla” is a phrase many rom-com fans may be familiar with. It’s that monstrous metamorphosis that the bride in a usually heterosexual couple will undergo as she plans the wedding while her fiancée kicks back. Christie Conochalla’s Welcome Home, and more specifically, the episode “Camping,” offer a much-appreciated break from this stereotype as it follows Leah and Stacey on their journey towards the alter. 

Our regular subscribers will recall that back in December we released the first episode of the series, “Marry Christmas,” when, surrounded by the string of coloured lights and plastic decorations, Leah “pops” the question. “Camping,” and the following episodes, are the continuation of this initial short-film, as both women face the challenges of building a new home together.  

Amidst the chaos of having to move to a new house and organizing the ceremony, the newly engaged couple somehow find a moment of peace to go “camping.” Camping in this scenario, is not a long three-hour drive out of the city, but simply setting up a tent in their backyard where they can escape to a cocoon of intimacy. It’s the calm before the storm, as we already see potential issues arising regarding the wedding location: Leah thought they had agreed to a ceremony on the beach in San Diego, while Stacey’s been telling her family they’ll be on the vineyards in Napa Valley. 

If you’re in search of a feel-good, perhaps cheesy, series, this is definitely the one for you. The chemistry between Leah and Stacey is irrefutable. They know the other’s fears and hopes, and they always seem to know how to get a smile out of the other. The foundations of their relationship seem to be rock solid, which in turn presents the opportunity for future intriguing conflicts that put into question those same foundations. Having only been given two episodes, it’s difficult to know exactly the direction these tensions may take. That being said, these first snippets of Leah and Stacey’s shared life provide a great introduction to the kinds of characters and tone one may expect from the Welcome Home series. 

Make sure to catch up on “Marry Christmas” and “Camping” before the third episode is released! 



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