CALL TO ACTION: Help make this year’s Lesbian Visibility Day in the UK and Europe about #representation and #visibility of #womenonscreen!

We’re looking to put lesbian and bisexual film at the forefront of this year’s Lesbian Visibility Day to help increase visibility and representation across the UK and Europe. This is our call to action for all lesbian and bisexual women to help!

We’re tired of seeing so many great films at festivals, but finding they often don’t get distribution, or even with distribution often fail to reach their audience (who ironically are calling out for more film and representation on a regular basis). We’re also tired of hearing how few women filmmakers get funding with the reason of there not being an audience. It is time to change the narrative and to be loud and proud!

What you can do

In the run up to Lesbian Visibility Day to increase visibility and get this campaign trending from 6pm on Sunday 14 April 2019 right up to Lesbian Visibility Day on Friday 26 April 2019:

JOIN THE CONVERSATION with the hashtags #LesFlicks and #LesbianVisibilityDay ensure that women on screen and films we love are the primary focus because #representation matters to all queer women. The more messages we all send, the more we will trend and increase our visibility!

EACH DAY SHARE A FILM from the #LesFlicksFilmDatabase. It might be one you’ve seen, or it might be one you want to see. The database gives you all the social media handles for the film so you can tag them along with LesFlicks and when you include the link to the page it will automatically include a great photo so it is easy! Choose your film from the LesFlicks Film Database here:

Example tweet:

In the run up to #LesbianVisibilityDay I’d like to give more #visibility to #womenonscreen with [film title and social tags] #lesbifilm – find out more about this film on @LesFlicks with their #LesFlicksFilmDatabase [Film URL from]

SIGN UP TO THE LESFLICKS VIDEO ON DEMAND SERVICE and help us to reach 500 registrations by Friday 26 April 2019 so we can go live and show you the amazing selection of short films, feature films and series we have already gathered!

Join one of our #LesFlicksFilmClub groups who ATTEND CINEMAS TOGETHER to watch films and socialise with other lesbian and bisexual women who enjoy film. Attending these events supports films, and provides more data to show that there is an audience. Find out more at

SUPPORT EXISTING FILMS. Whenever you find a screening of a film with a lesbian or bisexual character or storyline, go and see it – and share the screening event with friends. Don’t dismiss a film because one or two people say it isn’t any good – we all like different films for different reasons so watch it and decide for yourself.

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