Where can I watch The L Word?

This must be the most searched term by lesbians worldwide this century! LesFlicks has the answer! If you are outside of the US you have probably just worked out that you can’t access Showtime, and therefore are frantically trying to work out how to watch The L Word: Generation Q in a couple of weeks. At LesFlicks we spent a lot of time trying to find this information, as we really want people to watch it legally.

Watching The L Word in the UK

In the UK Sky have finally announced an air date. It is 4 February. If you don’t have SKY fear not as Sky Atlantic is available as an add on for NOW TV which is available on a month by month basis. A free trial plus a month should get you through the series. Otherwise find a friend with Sky and connect in real life! The good news is on the same day we got the date, SHOWTIME confirmed they have agreed to pick up a second season. However now that means it is more important to make sure UK viewing numbers on Sky Atlantic are as high as possible as it isn’t guaranteed that Sky will pick it up again. They are a business and as such it is all down to the numbers!

Why should I pay to watch The L Word?

The people who programme what we can watch decide what is popular based on viewing numbers. If numbers are lower than expected, those TV executives will likely decide that there is not an audience for lesbian content. This could prevent the channel from picking up future titles. If viewing numbers are high, those same executives might decide what we already know – we will watch content if it is available and we know how to access it. We don’t want to have to wait another 10 years for another decent lesbian series – by subscribing en mass we can prove there is a huge global market for lesbian content! Access is key. LesFlicks launched because of the disconnect between content and consumers in the UK and the release of The L Word has proven that. Despite being desperate to see it, and knowing it exists, thousands of women do not know how to access this show.

About LesFlicks

LesFlicks is a new dedicated site that aims to increase the knowledge of, and access to, lesbian film and TV If you found this information useful please share it with your friends. Also please check out our video on demand channel which is available now for you to watch on your dedicated #lesbian streaming service. LesFlicks launched earlier this year and features a wide variety of feature films, shorts, music videos and webseries for and by Lesbian and Bi Women awaits! Comedy, drama, romance, whatever takes your fancy, stay in and watch great queer women films. The more subscribers we have, the more content we can add so tell all your friends! Subscribing directly supports lesbian and bisexual filmmakers.

Networks showing

Heard about another channel? Let us know and we’ll add it!
  • Australia: Stan
  • Canada: CraveTV
  • Denmark: HBO Nordic
  • Finland: HBO Nordic
  • France: Canal+
  • Ireland: Sky Atlantic (date tbc)
  • New Zealand: Neon / Sky
  • Norway: HBO Nordic
  • Spain: Movistar
  • Sweden: HBO Nordic
  • Poland: HBO GO
  • UK: Sky Atlantic (date tbc)
  • USA: Showtime (requires US credit card)

Countries without a network

(so you will be unable to legally access The L Word) Brazil, Chile, Germany, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, South Africa Is your country missing? DM us on social and we’ll find out for you. Please, if you really have to illegally watch The L Word (we do understand), choose to use a VPN and pay for a subscription through a legal distributor). Please do not watch any illegally uploaded free copies – these really do have a huge detrimental impact on future programmes.

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