Who’s Who in The L Word: Generation Q?

The new trailer has dropped, but it only gives us a glimpse of several people. What we really want to know, is who are the main characters?

Well there are 8 main characters, 3 returning from the original The L Word. They really need no introduction: Shane, Alice and Bette.

Shane of course is getting it on with a woman in the trailer… we can’t see who and we’re also not sure what is going on between her and Sarah – roommates, lovers, friends with benefits? But Shane has been away and Sarah has just come to LA… so many possibilities!

Alice is a super-successful host, you could say the next Ellen Degeneres! Did you see who was on stage with her? You should recognise that feisty person if you look hard enough. There were zero clues on the relationship front for Alice.

A woman who is not Tina appears to be lip-locked to Bette in stills from the new series and in the teaser, we think that might be Victoria Hall who plays Allie. So either Bette is back to her cheating ways, or Tibette are no more… or maybe both, only time will tell!

So who are the other 6 main characters?

Dani Nunez (played by Arienne Mandi)

Dani we think is running up the stairs with Micah – but it is dark so we’re not sure… it doesn’t give much away either… our minds are going wild with ideas, plots and storylines!!!

Arienne has been in NCIS and Hawaii Five-O if you think she looks familiar… if you want to stalk Bette’s new interest ahead of release Arienne is on instagram… I mean friends need to look out for each other and the L Word is basically real right?!

Sarah Finley (played by Jacqueline Toboni)

Sarah appeared in the teaser and is in all 8 episodes… did you recognise her – I didn’t at first!? Clue: she’s gone blonde and is excited to be living in LA! I’m very excited to see she is possibly living with/fucking Shane… they do like to leave us guessing, don’t they!?

However if like me you binged the entire series of Grimm, you’ll recognise Jacqueline Toboni as Trubel. This is very exciting – I wonder if her appearance in The L Word: Generation Q will spell trouble or love for our dear friend Shane?

Sophia Suarez (played by Rosanny Zayas)

Sophia appears briefly in the teaser on a film set cart with Sarah so she knows Sarah, and seems to work at Alice Production (great logo – does that look like a vagina?!)… but we don’t know much else. So many questions!!!

Recognise Rosanny? She was in Netflix original series Orange is the New Black as Daisy. You might also recognise her from Elementary.

Gigi (played by Sepideh Moafi)

Gigi, appeared in the teaser with Bette, who we also saw kissing Sophia… and Gigi didn’t look too happy with Bette, who looked like she’d been caught out. I can’t believe we have to wait until December to find out why… 

Sepideh has been in a number of TV series, you may recognise her from Elementary, Nurse Jackie or Blue Bloods.

Micah Lee (played by Leo Sheng)

The trailer certainly didn’t give much away on this front although it did seem Micah was checking out a guy so we are pretty sure he’s gay… we all remember (although try desperately to forget) that Alice is bisexual so as with the entire trailer… anything is possible.

Leo has two Mums… so we already love him. You may also recognise him from upcoming somewhat contraversial trans/lesbian film Adam. We’re very excited to see what he brings to The L Word…

And what about the others?

There are loads of people in one or two episodes… some still aren’t credited which makes us wonder what surprises may be in store for us… did you spot Fortune Feimster in the teaser? Watch it again… we promise she is there! And who is the women in the camel suit and black t-shirt?! She sure looks happy with herself!

Also making appearances are Haven Everly (You), Victoria Hall, Ashley Gallegos (Rosewood, Escape Room) and Sheila M Robinson.

Important Note: we’ve done a lot of guessing and made a lot of assumptions – nothing is confirmed and a lot may be inaccurate – can you blame us?! Some shots are so fleeting it is tough to tell who is who but we’ve had a good go at breaking things down and introducing them to you. What else have you noticed and how many times have you watched the trailer?