Gift a Lesflicks VOD subscription to a vulnerable or needy LBTQ person

Gift a Lesflicks VOD subscription to a vulnerable or needy LBTQ person

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Lesflicks VOD offers independent lesbian & bisexual content for you to watch. We want to ensure it is available to everyone, so we are offering gifted subscriptions. We will pass on gifted subscriptions to those less able to pay so that they can see representation on screen.

Our founder, Naomi, has supported the grass roots community for over 8 years. She is all too aware of social isolation, of young people being made homeless. In addition, due to Covid-19 many LBTQ+ womxn are furloughed, unemployed and/or socially isolated. In addition, recent ONS data showed that 69% of the UK population was bored. Knowing that LGBTQ+ people are more likely to suffer mental health issues, live in unsafe environments, and also many of our community being in the highly-affected creative industry – we want to help where we can.

If you can spare anything from £5 to £50 why not buy a subscription to our platform for someone vulnerable or needy? It could make a difference offering a welcome distraction, entertainment, and also enabling the recipient to access the growing online events to be less isolated.

We are a new platform, launched late 2019, only promoted since March 2020. Independently owned, run by volunteers from within the LBTQ+ community, and working hard to increase representation.

As of October 2020, we have 16 feature films, 55 short films and 7 web series for your enjoyment. 5 titles are outside of the subscription as rental only due to licenses available. About 5 titles are geo-blocked in some regions.

Take a look today: https://lesflicksvod.vhx.tv

Upon completion of your order and payment, we will email you for the details of the gift recipient (email address and delivery date). Please check your spam/junk mail email as our emails often end up in there!!

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