As a brand new platform (we launched September 2019), we’re sure you have a few questions about the Lesflicks video on demand platform. Here are a few of our most common questions. We will update this from time to time with new questions as they come up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the subscription in US Dollars?

The platform we are using is an American platform. We are powered by Vimeo, who are well-known for secure, stable video hosting. It is well-known and best-suits our needs. Because it is a US platform, at present they only process payments in their local currency.

Why is there a VAT/GST/Tax charge?

The EU made some changes recently that means that the US platform we are using must issue tax separately to the listed price and list the fees net of tax. This means although we list the subscription price at US$5.99, when you to go pay you see the gross price including your local tax.

Gross prices:

  • United Kingdom: VAT at 20% ($1.20) = a gross monthly fee of $7.19
  • Europe: VAT varies depending on your country from 17-27%. Find out how much tax you will pay here:
  • Australia: GST at 10% ($0.60) = a gross monthly fee of $6.59
Where does my subscription fee go?

Lesflicks runs as a social enterprise and we are keen to be transparent and open. As such we want you to know exactly where your money is going.

  • 50% goes straight back to the content owners in royalties.
  • 23% goes on running the platform.
  • 27% is used for marketing, administration and running costs of the platform.
How often will you be adding new content?

We are building up our content every month. Because we are running this platform as a social enterprise that supports future film and LBQ filmmakers, we are committing to steadily building the content. The more subscribers we have, the more content we will add. This encourages members to spread the word and tell their friends. We need your help to spread the word because it is difficult to get press coverage as lesbian and bisexual women are not supported by most LGBT or mainstream press as we are seen as too niche or not popular enough.

Why aren’t there many features at the moment?

A lot of feature films get picked up by distribution companies. These companies sell video on demand rights to platforms. However to date they are dealing with major platforms and negotiating on hundreds of titles. We only want the one or two lesbian titles that they each hold. It takes time to negotiate terms, and they will only enter into negotiations if we have good numbers. So the more subscribers we have, the more negotiating power we have to get to these features. There are some filmmakers who have retained the rights to their feature films and we are talking directly to these filmmakers. These are easier to get agreed.

Can I download these films to my device and watch them offline?

This is going to be available in phase 2. When we have more content and more subscribers. There are additional costs to providing offline access, so we need a certain number of subscribers before we can invest in this upgrade. We are committed to providing this as soon as possible!

What countries is the content available in?

Lesslicks is  run out of the UK, however it is a global platform. Most of our independent content is not restricted to a certain jurisdiction and so can be viewed from anywhere in the world. As we bring in more content that comes from distributors, these may be available in limited regions which is decided by the person who has the rights. Most film rights are sold to different distributors in different regions. You will be able to browse the full collection, but where a film is not available in your region, you will see a note advising you that the content is unavailable in your region.

We are keen to link up with women in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and everywhere else around the world to get distribution rights in these locations so if you would like to join our team and help us fast track the access in your area please get in touch!

Can we suggest new titles for the platform?

Of course! If you know the name of a film and want to suggest it for the platform, then please drop us an email. We can’t guarantee we will be able to get permission to include it, but we will of course try!  If you are a filmmaker or distributor with rights in the UK, Europe and/Australia and would like to discuss including your film on the platform, please submit the details using our film submission form.

Why aren’t new films that are showing at film festivals on the platform?

Whilst films are on the film festival circuit they are often restricted from being included on platforms. We are keen to ensure that filmmakers get the biggest platform possible and playing at festivals is an important part of that. We won’t take on films that are still on the festival circuit, although we are collating a list of future content so that we can revert back to the filmmaker once that festival circuit is complete. Depending on the film, it may be on the festival circuit anywhere from six months to two years.

If a title is available elsewhere online for less, or free, why should I watch it through Lesflicks?

We need to support the lesbian film industry as funding is lacking and filmmakers are often told there is no audience for lesbian films. By subscribing to Lesflicks and paying you are directly supporting the filmmakers of the existing films on this platform, and also future filmmakers through the Lesflicks grants fund. We do not recommend the use of illegal sites and VPNs to watch any lesbian content. All this does is decrease viewing numbers of lesbian films in your country and further increases the perception of a lack of an audience. All viewing numbers through illegal download sites and VPNs do not count towards viewing numbers in your country which only means that less films are likely to get distribution in the future because there is not a visible audience available.

Why are some titles only available to rent?

The format that we are able to provide these films in is determined by the distributor or film owner. They will decide on the different ways the film can be provided to you. There are three distinct formats:

  • TVOD (transaction video on demand) which allows a rental for a period of 3-5 days where you can watch one title as many times as you like within that period of time;
  • SVOD (subscription video on demand) which allows you to pay a fixed monthly fee to watch as much content as you like during the subscription period.
  • EST (electronic sell-through) which allows you to pay a fee to download a media file that you can keep on a hard drive. Like purchasing a digital DVD.



Struggling to log in? Make sure you are logging into the Lesflicks VOD platform and not the Lesflicks community website – they are different!

If you are struggling in any way with the platform, please log the error via the help form. Please include the browser you are using, the device you are on, and any error message you are receiving. Please include screen shots and what you were trying to do when the problem occurred. 

Hints and Tips

The platform is best viewed in landscape mode, you can more easily get to all of the content. To see everything on a channel, click on SEE ALL on the far right of the channel


We are working on adding subtitles to all of our films at present. This is an ongoing project but we will be adding subtitles regularly to all titles.