Got a feature, short or series you think our audience would enjoy? Want to see it on the LesflicksVOD platform? Awesome! We’d love to see it!

Lesflicks is a collective rather than a corporate platform. We split net subscription revenue 50/50 (including dormant subscribers) so more money goes back to the creators. Transaction titles also have a 50/50 revenue split.

Our aim is to increase revenues and make it easier for you to create future projects with bigger budgets. To do this we pay significantly higher rates than Amazon Prime (now an amazing $0.01 per view!). We also don’t have hidden expenses or disbursements so you earn royalties from the very first view.

Criteria: our platform has certain criteria that your content has to meet. It should contain women loving women, a core lesbian or bisexual storyline; or show a lesbian or bisexual character in a positive supporting role. 

Note: Lesflicks is a curated streaming platform and we don’t accept all submissions sent to our. Decisions around what we select are made by the Lesflicks Curation Team and are final.

Content that contains homophobia, transphobia or racism is not acceptible for our platform except for some exceptions. These exceptions are made on a case by case basis for content such as documentaries, content that is historical in nature, satirical content, or content that makes it clear that such elements are present in society, but not condoned, tolerated or accepted.

How to submit content to LesflicksVOD

There are three ways you can get your content added to LesflicksVOD.

1. Submit directly to Lesflicks independently

2. Submit via a channel

3. Submit via your distributor or an aggregator

Submit Directly

LesflicksVOD accepts direct submissions from content creators. We are able to host content in three formats: TVOD (rental, typically exclusively TVOD for new releases), SVOD (subscription) and FREE. You will have the choice of how your content is offered – either offering your content for free, or earning a royalty when your work is watched via either TVOD, SVOD or TVOD and SVOD.

Submit via a channel

If your content is eligible for inclusion on a LesflicksVOD Film Festival or Partner Channel, you can get your work on Lesflicks by contacting us if you think your content fits their criteria. We will check with the channel hosts before adding any content.

You may receive an invitation from a film festival or partner channel inviting you to submit your content to LesflicksVOD. In which case please submit and include the name of the partner or film festival.

Submit via your distributor or an aggregator

Distributor: If you have a distributor, ask them to send us your work on your behalf. We already work with many large and smaller distributors and if we don’t yet work with yours, we can begin doing so. We will pay royalties to your Distributor, who will then pay you as per the terms of the agreement you have with your Distributor.

Aggregator: If you don’t have a distributor but your film is with an aggregator then you can submit to Lesflicks using an aggregator platform (ie: FilmHub or Vuulr) to bring your content to LesflicksVOD. They will deliver your work to us and then they will take a percentage of the money you make.