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The following few demographics questions help us to apply for funding to put on more screenings, to support filmmakers and to get rights for films for the platform. Data is collated anonymously and is not associated with your name and email which is purely for the newsletter.

How you access lesbian films

It exists! We launched the LesFlicks video on demand channel in July and already have 20 titles. The more subscribers we get, the more titles we will add; and 50% of your subscription directly supports filmmakers! Check it out today: (opens in a new window so you can continue the survey and check out the platform)
If we find there are lots of you in the same area we can approach the cinema to enquire about more regular screenings, or special screenings of lesbian films.
Find out more about our film clubs: click here (opens in a new window)

What lesbian films have you heard of and/or seen?

We randomly change this list of films. It contains a mixture of older, newer, independent and mainstream films. It helps us to build a picture of how distribution reaches a lesbian/bisexual audience.
This helps us to understand whether distributors are reaching you. This list contains older and newer titles, distributed via different methods including independent films, releases on Netflix, mainstream cinema releases and straight to digital release.

Check out of Film Database to find a whole range of lesbian films that you may or may not have heard of here! (opens in a new window)