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We have big plans to change things. We’re tired of lesbian films being overlooked. We’re tired of lesbian audiences being overlooked. Now is the time to change that!

If you’re passionate about lesbian & bisexual films and want to be able to see more of them. If you are on social media and can retweet or post twice a week to help that happen; join our amplification network and be part of the change!

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Why is it important to highlight the audience that exists for lesbian and bisexual films, you may ask… 

It is great when the intended audience finds a film that is made for them; however there is a reason that you often find it so hard to find the films you crave, the films that give you representation on screen and make you feel less alone or different in the world.

Film is big business – Hollywood films like Marvel and Disney cost millions to make, and make millions in returns. They’re often financed by big businesses, private investment and well-off individuals. However, there are no lesbian Hollywood films. Yes, every single Hollywood film you have ever seen is an independent film. What does that mean?

Independent film is much tougher to finance. It is much harder to make. The majority of filmmakers making lesbian and bisexual films barely see a penny in returns despite huge budgets spent making them. But women are seeing these films so why aren’t they seeing any returns?

There are two middle-men between the film creator (usually a director or producer) and you as the intended audience – a sales agent and a distributor. These take cuts of income, and also recoup all of their expenses before issuing royalties. In every case I’ve come across, after expenses there have been little to no royalties.

The film industry currently turns down funding citing that “there is no paying audience for lesbian films” – this is sadly proven by them by the high levels of piracy of lesbian films on free streaming sites and Youtube. Whilst we know there is an audience, there is no data currently available to counter this message – until now!


1. Talk about a film you watched and enojoyed on social media in public

2. Share content with your friends and networks to help them easily find legal content

3. Do not share or watch illegally pirated free films and report films you find to Lesflicks so we can notify the content creator as soon as we find it

4. Become an Lesflicker or amplifier and help us to raise awareness of lesbian & bisexual films that are available by sharing key messages and campaigns

5. Complete our We Are An Audience Survey and share it with at least 5 friends and encourage them to do the same. The data from this survey is used to help filmmakers access funding.