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we'll do one draw for every 10 people who enter - so spread the word as more submissions means more draws, and even chances to win!

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Congratulations to all the winners!

The 2023 Lesflicks Advent Calendar

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Today we had 8 people and 35 entries. We’re just 12 off increasing to 2 daily draws.

congratulations Adrianne and Franziska!

Today we had 13 people and 43 entries. How many more will tomorrow offer?

congratulations Ro and Leona!

Today we had our first person to win a second time! The earlier you enter the more chances to win! What will tomorrow bring?

congratulations Amanda and Mari!

Today we hit 60 entries into 2 draws. We’re just 5 people away from increasing to 3 daily draws - so why not enter and tell your friends!

congratulations Leona and Sam!

There are still at least 14 more draws between now and Christmas. Enter today - it isn’t too late!

congratulations Jana and Amanda!

Remember, you only need to enter once and then you’re in every single draw from that point! More people in the draw = more prizes!

congratulations Amanda and Sam!

Amanda is clearly on a winning streak! Tomorrow will be another draw - we’re close to increasing to 3 winners so don’t delay, enter today!

congratulations Jillian and Ro

A third win for Ro, first time for Jillian. Enter and your name may be next for free Lesflicks!

congratulations to Ingrid and Sabine!

We’re heading towards the halfway point, it isn’t too late to enter. It’s completely free!

congratulations Steph and Jillian!

We’re close to adding a third draw - if you’ve been thinking about entering, now is the time!

congratulations to Steph and Franziska!

we’re approaching the halfway point… will we have enough entries to add a third nightly draw?

congratulations to Amanda and Sam!

A few more entries tonight; 2 new winners. Anyone can enter for free!

congratulations to Lege’ and Ro!

congratulations to Sam and Adriane!

congratulations to Elif and Nadine!

congratulations to Mari and Amanda!

congratulations Ro and Elif!

congratulations Adriane and Mari!

congratulations Franziska and Amanda!

congratulations Adrianne and Sam!

congratulations Jana and Elif!

congratulations Ingrid and Amanda!

congratulations Gabriela and Leona!

congratulations Alyssa and Andjela!

Frequently Asked Questions

still not sure, check out our useful FAQs answering useful questions like how many times you can win, how many prizes are available, when you get your free month, and lots more!

Is it free to enter?

Yes it is free to enter.

If you're not currently a subscriber to Lesflicks, you get one entry into every draw; every day from the day that you enter (as long as you enter before 10pm GMT on that day)

If you are a subscriber, you get ten entries into every draw; every day from the day that you enter (as long as you enter before 10pm GMT on that day)

Why not subscribe for one month and increase your odds tenfold? https://www.lesflicks.com/join

How many draws take place each day?

It will increase. For every 10 people who enter, the following draw will increase.

1 entry = 1 draw each day

10 entries = 1 draw each day

20 entries = 2 draws each day

So the more people enter, the more chances everyone has to win!

I'm already paying for a subscription, can I win a free month?

Yes! We will just apply a code so your next month isn't charged! What's more, you could win more than once!

Is there a limit to how many times I can enter, and/or win?

You can only enter once; but you will then be in all future draws.

You can win more than once! So the earlier you join; and the more people enter - the more chances you have to win!

How many free months are you giving away?

That depends how many people enter the giveaway!

It will be at least 24.

The skies the limit - 1 daily draw for every 10 people who enter.

I won! When will I get my free month?

All free months will be added after the end of the giveaway (between 25 December and 31 December 2023). This is so if you win multiple months they can all be applied at once.