We accept submissions directly from content creators as well as from distributors

If your film contains women loving women on screen we’d love to hear from you. The age or duration of the film does not matter.

The earlier in your distribution windows that you release with us, the higher the royalties we pay

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Why Lesflicks?

4 reasons you should have your film on Lesflicks

We Pay above-industry royalties

When you receive regular royalties you can make more movies with better budgets more quickly. Transparent payments, no hidden costs. Payment from the first view.

Quality viewing experience for audiences

Your film will be available to watch online, and also on TVs and mobile devices via all streaming apps to download and watch offine or pop out whilst scrolling social media.

Our audience is 100% your audience

Our specialism in sapphic stories means we know our audience will want to watch your film. With subscription fatigue, offering 100% what an audience wants is the future for independent platforms.

Subscription platforms pay more per view

Ad-revenue is impacted by global economies, and the rate paid per ad. You get significantly more per view through subscription platforms. More sustainable & more transparent. 

Hear from one of our clients

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We accept LGBT films that feature either a central lesbian or bisexual storyline; or if there are supporting characters - in this instance they must be portrayed in a positive light.

Why Release with Lesflicks

If you’d like to know more about what we offer, you can download our useful PDF guide ‘why release with Lesflicks’.

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A number of different outlets have spoken to us over the years. You can listen to these interviews on Spotify. It is a great way to understand what we do, and why we’re different.

Representation on mainstream streaming services exists, but only to an extent. We are able to see that through the number of titles, and the storylines within those titles.

When it comes to stories about queer women, the stories are usually one of two things - a brilliant, award winning historical or biographical film that ultimately ends in heartbreak or disaster, or a heavily sexualised, plot-light movie that has blatantly been crafted for the male gaze.

We want more than this. We deserve more than this. And this is precisely why Lesflicks was founded.

Naomi Bennett

CEO & Founder of Lesflicks

We are proud to work with filmmakers to help demystify distribution

We believe knowledge is power and like to share our knowledge with our clients

Putting our money where our mouth is

We officially launched in March 2020; and by the end of December 2023 we hit the amazing milestone of paying out £50,000 in royalties to our clients. Thanks for our amazing audiences subscribing, and our talented clients for trusting a new platform to not be like the others; we’ve been able to do what we set out to - and we’re not stopping any time soon!


Some of the things that make us different

why filmmakers want their films on Lesflicks, and why we have many titles you won't find on other independent streaming platforms - these are our USPs and we're proud of them!

Lesflicks launched: March 2019

Streaming launched: March 2020

At least 50% of revenue goes back to our clients (no expenses, disbursements) - you get actually money from the first view

The largest collection of dedicated, curated independent sapphic films in the world

Give the gift of Lesflicks next time you’re looking for the perfect present. Our clients get free access so you can recommend films