After a non-binary witch gets off their antidepressants, they start seeing visions of crimes before they happen


Brimo Morales

Brimo Morales is an award winning lesbian filmmaker with over 16 years of experience with making films. Her film $500K is now streaming on Lesflicks and Reel Women's Network. In 2020, director Brimo Morales won first runner-up at the AFM Pitch Conference. In 2022 she wrote and shot Sacred Vision. Quite a bit of it she shot herself. It was a daunting and fun experience and now's the time for the movie to get done.

Sacred Vision

Sacred Vision is a thriller that follows Galen Lopez years after their mother's tragic death, and weeks after a traumatic breakup. On social media and for clients, Galen puts on a happy go lucky facade, while inside they're doing their best to piece their life back together. Encouraged by their loving coven mother to stop their antidepressants in order to connect more with the spiritual realm, Galen begins having visions of the future. Not her future, crimes that are about to happen. Everything comes to a head when Galen sees their ex girlfriend Katelyn being attacked. Will they be able to stop it from happening? Or will they see it too late?

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As a lesbian filmmaker, I understand the need for more lesbian content. It's incredibly important to see yourself represented on screen. Not only is this a lesbian film, the main character is also non-binary. So you're getting a witchy movie with a non-binary lesbian as the hero.

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